Family selling home fast via a modern estate agent

How to sell my house fast for cash

Your best home sale options

How to sell my house fast for cash

Your best home sale options

Family selling home fast via a modern estate agent

We’re The Property Selling Company, a modern estate agency with a range of solutions designed to make selling your house faster and easier. As part of a leading group of property specialists, we offer:

  • The Property Selling Company (Sell in 28+ days): Our expert estate agents provide a personalised, transparent service to maximise the value of your home and guide you through a smooth sale.
  • Our cash buying service (Sell in 7+ days): If speed is your priority, we can buy your house directly for cash in as little as 7 days. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners achieve fast, hassle-free sales, and we’re the UK’s most-rated cash buyer.
  • Our property auction (Sell in 7-28 days): For a competitive bidding process and a quick sale (often within a month), our auction service is a great option. 


No matter which route you choose, we’ve got you covered. We cover your legal fees when you use one of the trusted solicitors on our panel. Further simplifying the process and saving you money. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and tailoring our solutions to your individual needs.


If you are ready to sell, fill out the form below and tell us about your property. We’ll assess your situation and recommend the best path to a successful sale. Whether you choose our modern estate agency, our cash buying service, or our auction platform, we’re committed to providing a fast, effortless and free service.

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Sell your house without all the hassle

What is the quickest way you can sell your house?

In all honesty, the quickest way to sell your house would be to sell via a cash house buying company. They will be able to buy your house off you from 7 days to three weeks, but you will be selling below market value. Here are the quickest ways to sell your house:

Cash buyers7 to 28 daysFree, but 25% to 10% Below Market Value offers
Property auction1 to 8 weeks2% +VAT commission, plus auctioneer fees and you might sell Below market Value.
Modern estate agent4 – 12 weeksFree, they cover your legal fees and you may get full market value.
Part house exchange4 weeks +Free, but you may lose equity
Online estate agent6 – 12 weeksUpfront fee of £1,000+, may incur hidden costs, as well as legal fees.
Traditional estate agents12+ weeks1% to 3% +VAT commission, will need to pay legal costs.


Cash buyers do not need to worry about waiting for mortgage approval as they will most likely have the cash ready to buy. However, because of the speed they are able to sell, they will look to give you a cash offer ranging from 15% to 5% below market value. We can help you get to at least 95% or even more, all while helping you to sell in as little as 28 days.

How to sell your house fast

Here at The Property Selling Company, we pride ourselves on being the fastest estate agent on the market, capable of selling your house in as little as 28 days, and we will cover all your fees. You could sell your house via a cash house buyer in as little as 7 days, but you will be selling for below market value, and with us you can achieve so much more. 


Although our selling process is similar to that of an online estate agent, instead of it taking 5+ steps, with us, we only have three:

1. Submit your details:

Fill in our quick, no-obligation form with your name, address, postcode and contact details.


Once submitted, one of our estate agents will reach out to provide you with an initial house valuation and offer.

2. Agree a price:

We will then send out one of our dedicated agents to visit your property and confirm that our initial offer and house valuation is accurate.


Once we agree on a price, the selling process officially begins.

3. We will handle the rest: 

From this point forward, our dedicated team of estate agents and property experts will manage every aspect of the selling process for you.


We will take care of everything, from creating floor plans and taking photos to arranging viewings and marketing your home.


Plus, we cover all fees because selling your property shouldn’t be complicated.

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Choose us for a streamlined, hassle-free, and fast selling experience.

Selling house to cash house buying company

As we have previously mentioned, selling your house to a cash house buying company is the fastest way to sell your house, away from the open market. By selling your house to a cash house buyer, you can sell your house directly to them in as little as 7 days, although most take around 2 or 3 weeks – by which time you might as well be selling your house with us. 


Cash house buying companies can buy houses directly from sellers, and can be an ideal solution for problem properties, as cash buyers look to renovate and flip houses. But, they will offer below market value for your property, usually around 75% to 95% of the property value. 


This could mean that you could receive between £211,500 and £267,900 on a £282,000 house. With us, you would more likely be able to get £267,900+ and sell in just over a month. 

Is it worth selling your house to a cash house buying company?

Reputable cash house buying companies use evidence-based valuations to determine your home’s current market value, offering you a cash deal usually in the range for 75% to 95% of this value. When it comes to working out if they can be beneficial to you, here’s what you need to know:

Valuation methods

Depending on the cash buyer, they have different house valuation methods:


  • Estate agent valuation: Two local estate agents will be sent to your property and provide written reports, which the cash buyer will then combine with their own online research to formulate a formal offer.
  • Online valuation: Cash buyers will use online data and tools like Rightmove and the HM Land Registry to compare your property with similar ones recently sold in your area. They may request photos, a floorplan, and sometimes a video walkthrough.
  • Hybrid offer: Some cash buyers will provide you with an initial online offer using online valuations, and then send someone to your property, where they will evaluate the property and confirm or adapt their initial offer (similar to how we work).


Once you receive a formal offer, you will need to consider if the valuation is backed by solid evidence, and if there is enough margin for the company to make a profit. If the answer to either question is no, the offer may be too good to be true. 

Industry risks

The industry is unregulated, and many “we buy any house” scams exist. These scams can include ‘cash buyers’ not actually having any of their own cash reserves and acting as a third party, selling your house to investors, or selling your data. Other cash buyers may string you along only to dramatically drop the price at the last minute. 


It is important to note, however, that genuine cash house buyers make their profit by purchasing below market value and reselling at full value. They incur various costs, including financing, stamp duty, legal fees, estate agent fees, holding costs and operating expenses, which is often why offers can be quite low. 


Just because a cash buyer gives you a low offer, doesn’t mean they aren’t genuine – in fact, it may show that they are genuine. Some genuine cash house buyers include:


  • The Property Buying Company
  • Goodmove
  • Property Solvers


A genuine cash buyer programme might give a lower offer compared to a non-genuine cash buyer programme, because genuine cash buyers usually offer quicker and more certain transactions. 


They have the funds readily available and can complete the deal rapidly, but they will often need to cover the financial contingencies, appraisals and inspections of the property post sale. This convenience and reduced risk to the seller comes with a  lower offer as the buyer is providing more security in the transaction. 

Why offers are below market value

To cover the costs associated with buying properties, cash house buying companies will always buy your house below market value. Given the current market where house prices are generally falling, no genuine cash house buyer can offer you more than 95%. 


A fast house sale with a cash buyer, means you are compromising on price. When seeking offers from multiple cash house buyers, be cautious. Unethical companies will provide you with high initial offers to outbid competitors, these could include 85% and above only to lower the price at the last minute when you’re cornered into accepting. 

Modern estate agent vs cash house buyer

As a modern estate agent ourselves, we can help you reach fast house sales, with some houses selling on the open market in as little as 28 days. While this is four times slower than that of a cash house buyer, we can get you closer, if not more, than full market value. 


Where you lose out on profit from a below market value offer, with us, you don’t lose out on anything, not even estate agent fees. Instead, the buyer will cover all the fees we incur. With clear, no hidden fees, and no estate agency commission, you know exactly what you are getting. 


We use major property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla to ensure your house reaches a wider audience, using our estate agency photography, floor plan and property description skills to create genuine interest behind your home. 


By reaching a larger audience, and presenting your home in the best possible light, we are able to help you achieve near market value or more. Which could be an extra £70,500 in your bank (using the £282,000 house price from earlier).

The Property Selling Company, is a little different to your local estate agents

Are companies that offer to buy your house legitimate?

Companies that buy your house, specialise in buying homes directly from sellers who want to avoid the hassle and expense of selling via traditional estate agents or property auctions. 


While many of these companies are legitimate businesses that offer a quick and easy way to sell your home, there are some less reputable ones that may try to take advantage of sellers in difficult situations. It’s important that you do your own research and read reviews from other sellers before making a decision. 


Unfortunately, because the industry is largely unregulated, there are many scams to watch out for. One common tactic used by unethical companies is reducing their offer at the last minute. 


They may initially offer a high price but drop it by thousands just before the sale is set to exchange, leaving you with the ultimatum of accepting the lower price or starting over. 


In order to avoid the price drop scam, you should take time in choosing a company that provides a guarantee with their formal offer, ensuring they won’t drop the price at the last minute. If a company isn’t willing to offer a guarantee, question the legitimacy of their offer.


You may also want to insist that a survey be conducted at the start of the process. Companies that delay the survey may intend to use the results as an excuse to lower the price at the last moment. Ensure the survey is booked within a few days of accepting the offer. 


But, the safest way to avoid dodgy cash house buying tactics is to sell via a modern estate agency like us. We are a trusted estate agency that can act quickly, and help you move out on pretty similar timescales to that of a cash house buyer. 

What are the benefits of using a cash house buyer?

Using a cash house buyer to achieve a fast house sale has numerous benefits over traditional selling methods like property auctions and estate agents, particularly when speed and certainty are needed. Here’s an explanation of each benefit and why they may be better for you:

In traditional property sales, you often depend on a chain of buyers and sellers. If one link in the chain fails (like a buyer’s financing falling through), the entire process can collapse. Cash house buyers eliminate the chain, significantly reducing the risk of delays or cancellations. This makes the sale smoother and less stressful. 


Modern estate agents can also minimise the risk of chain-related delays by having a larger pool of pre-approved and financially stable buyers. We can also offer chain-free buyers through our network, reducing the risk of your sale falling through.

Traditional estate agent sales can’t take months due to viewings, negotiations and the need to secure financing. Cash buyers streamline the process, often completing sales within weeks. This speed can be important if you need to sell quickly due to relocation, financial issues or other urgent reasons. 


But, if you sold your house through our service, you would actually end up selling on a similar timeline. We use technology to speed viewings and negotiations, with virtual tours, online offers and digital documents signing, which all helps to streamline the process and help you sell your house fast.

Buyers in traditional sales may face mortgage rejections or delays in securing financing. Cash buyers have the funds readily available, eliminating the risk of mortgage related issues and ensuring a more reliable sale. 


Because of our expertise and experience in the house buying and selling industry, we have a network of pre-qualified buyers and work with reliable mortgage brokers to ensure that potential buyers have secured financing, helping to reduce the risk of mortgage-related issues.

Once a cash offer is accepted, there are fewer administrative hurdles to overcome. This leads to a faster completion timeline, often within a few days or weeks, providing you with quick access to funds. 


Due to our streamlined process, we are able to use our professional networks of solicitors, surveyors and mortgage lenders to handle administrative tasks efficiently, often leading to faster completion times. We also prioritise communication within our company and processes.

Traditional sales are not guaranteed until contracts are exchanged, and even then, sales can fall through. Cash buyers usually provide a guaranteed sale, giving you peace of mind that the deal will not fall apart at the last minute.


Even though cash house buyers offer a ‘guaranteed’ sale, only when the contracts are exchanged does the sale become legally binding.

Selling your house for cash allows you access the equity tied up in your property quickly. This is particularly beneficial if you need to pay off debts, invest in another property, or cover significant expenses. 


We can attract cash buyers or investors who are ready to purchase your house immediately, providing quick access to equity without significantly compromising on the sale price.

Traditional estate agent sales can be fraught with uncertainties and potential pitfalls. Cash sales offer more security because they are less likely to fall through and do not depend on third-party financing. 


Here at The Property Selling Company, as well as using pre-vetted buyers and investors, we also use Rightmove and Zoopla to generate interest for properties. This allows us to generate enough interest and offers to avoid most house sales falling through.

Traditional estate agent sales often come with various fees, including 1% to 3% estate agent commissions, legal fees and conveyancing costs. Reputable cash buyers usually cover all these fees, providing a clear and transparent transaction without unexpected costs. 


Because we are a modern estate agency, made for the modern person, our sellers do not face any fees. We will even cover your solicitor fees as a little thank you for using our service.

We can help you sell FAST, so you can get the cash

Selling your house at auction

Selling your house at auction can be a great way to sell fast, as they offer a quick-paced process, often concluding within weeks and once the hammer falls, the buyer is legally obligated to purchase, eliminating the uncertainty tied to traditional estate agents. 


If your house has unique features or minor issues that might deter buyers in the open market, auctions can attract cash house buyers and renovators looking for potential. The competitive bidding atmosphere can also drive up the final selling price, sometimes exceeding market value. 


However, auctions do have their disadvantages. They might not reach the widest pool of potential buyers compared to other methods, and there’s no guarantee your property will fetch its full market value. The fast-paced nature of auctions also leaves less room for negotiation and control over the selling process. 

How quickly can you sell a house at auction?

Most auction houses hold auctions monthly, so it can take about a month for your property to be listed. After a successful auction, the sale is usually completed within 28 days. Overall, traditional auctions average 10 to 12 weeks while modern auctions may take 12 to 16 weeks. 


If you choose to use our property auction branch, we offer an even faster service. Apply the same week as our auction, and we can list your house fast, potentially leading to a sale in as little as 7 dyas. 


Whether you opt for a standard auction timeline or our accelerated service, selling at auction offers a relatively fast and secure way to sell your house compared to traditional methods. 

Is it worth selling your house at auction?

Selling your house at auction can be a very viable option when looking for fast selling routes, but it’s important to think about the process carefully to ensure the best outcome. In order for you to see if it’s worth putting your house up for auction, here are a few considerations.

Your experience depends on the auctioneer

Different auction houses specialise in different property types, price brackets and locations. To find the right one, look at online reviews to gauge the level of service and experience. You should also inquire about the auction house’s success rate, which is the percentage of properties sold versus those listed. A low success rate might indicate issues such as overvaluation or unsuitable properties being accepted. 


There are two main types of property auction; traditional and modern. Traditional auctions are best for problem properties like those with subsidence, non-standard construction or damage. Whereas, modern auctions are suitable for mortgageable, well-presented properties ready for immediate occupancy. 


If you don’t do your research, and end up with the wrong type of auctioneer then you will most likely struggle to find the right buyers. If you sold your house via our auction branch, we are an all-rounder auctioneer, meaning we can help you sell any property in any condition.

The highest valuation isn’t always best

Avoid choosing an auction house solely based on the highest valuation. High valuations might not be realistic, and you could end up selling for less, or not at all. Similarly, don’t choose the auction house just because it has the cheapest fees – this could mean you end up doing some of the leg work. 


If your house valuation from the auctioneer is above 90% of your true market value, then you may wish to avoid that auctioneer. Properties at auction typically sell for 85% to 90% of their market value. If you need to achieve full market value, consider selling through The Property Selling Company instead. 

You can sell as-is

One of the good things about selling via auction is that you will be able to sell “as-is”. This means that you will be able to avoid renovations on your property, as many of the buyers will be investors looking to flip your property and make a profit. 

What are the benefits of selling your house at auction?

Ultimately, selling your house at auction can be beneficial if you are needing to sell fast due to time constraints needing a quick sale, or if your property requires renovation and you are struggling to sell it traditionally. 


Here are some of the benefits of selling your house at auction:

Property auctions typically offer a quicker sale than traditional methods, often within weeks. Once the hammer falls, the buyer is legally committed, reducing the risk of last-minute withdrawals.

Property auctions involve buyers who are using cash, readily available funds, or bridge financing, thereby eliminating the complications of property chains that can delay or derail traditional sales.

The auction environment encourages competitive bidding. This completion can drive the final selling price above your initial expectations, potentially securing a better deal than through the open market.

As the seller, you set a reserve price, which is the minimum amount you’re willing to accept. This ensures that your property won’t be sold for less than a certain amount, giving you more control over the final selling price.

Modern auctions take around 56 days from auction to completion, with traditional auctions taking around 28 days. This is however, far faster than traditional estate agent sales which take around 3 months.

Auction, cash buyer, estate agent … we do it all!

Selling your house to online estate agents

In 2024, online estate agents hold approximately 8.94% of the UK housing market. This figure reflects slightly growth over previous years but shows a plateau in the market share expansion since 2018. The market remains predominantly dominated by traditional high street estate agents.


The estate agency industry in the UK is valued at around £12.9 billion, encompassing both high street and online estate agents. Despite the competitive pressure from online agents, high street agents still command the majority of the market, benefiting from their established presence and traditional service offerings. 


While online estate agents may not have the best reputation, with 71% of people expressive distrust according to the Ipsos MORI Veracity Index, choosing the right estate agent can help mitigate this. 


To ensure a positive experience, make sure your estate agent, whether online or high street, is a member of a grievance body like The Property Ombudsman or the Property Redress Scheme. This membership provides reassurance and a pathway to resolve any disputes. 


Here’s a step-by-step guide to selling your house fast with an online estate agency:


1. Getting everything ready


Before selling your home fast, ensure it’s the right move for you financially and practically, by considering your:


  • Affordability: Assess whether you can afford to sell and move. Check for an early repayment charge with your current mortgage lender if you’re still within your mortgage term.
  • Should you mortgage?: If you plan to transfer your existing mortgage to your new property, consult your lender about the associated fees. Porting involves repaying your current mortgage and taking a new loan with the same terms from your existing provider.
  • Can you upsize?: Determine how much you can borrow and which lender offers the best deal. Securing a Mortgage in Principle will give you an idea of your budget.
  • Additional costs: Consider Stamp Duty and other selling expenses early in the process. A mortgage broker can help you estimate these costs and provide insight into how much you can borrow. 


Once you decide to sell your home, you will need to move fast and prepare it for valuations and viewings. Here’s how to get your property ready:

Ensure your home is spotless and free from clutter. Potential buyers need to envision themselves living there, so provide a clean and tidy blank canvas.

If your home needs a little refreshing, consider small updates like a fresh coat of paint, dusting and vacuuming. These minor improvements can significantly enhance your home’s appearance.

Think carefully before undertaking major renovations. They can be time-consuming, expensive, and may not add substantial value to your property.

If you’re worried about major issues that might deter buyers, consider having a home survey done. This can identify potential problems, their extent and the cost to fix them.

First impressions matter, according to a 2019 survey by the HomeOwners Alliance, 68% of buyers consider curb appeal important. Improve yours by mowing your garden, weed your garden and keep the driveway clear.

2. Set the right price

Setting the right price for your home is so important when selling your house fast via an estate agent. Here’s how you can ensure you price your home properly:


  • Realistic pricing: Avoid setting the price too high, as it may deter potential buyers. Conversely, pricing too low could result in underselling your property. Aim for a realistic price to attract serious buyers. 
  • Research & valuations: Start by researching recent sales of similar properties in your area. Then, invite three local estate agents to value your home. Choose estate agents with a proven track record of selling similar houses in your vicinity. 
  • As the right questions: During the valuations, ask each estate agent how much they would price your property and why. Request examples of similar properties they have sold at that price to support their valuation. 


If you want to sell your house fast, you may want to consider selling on the lower end of ‘realistic pricing’ as this can gather more interest from buyers. Remember, offers can only go up from there anyway (mostly).


While estate agents will provide you with valuable advice and suggest an asking price, the final decision is ultimately yours. If all three estate agents provide similar valuations, you can confidently base your asking price on their recommendations but if the valuations vary, be cautious. 


Some estate agents may overvalue your home to try and win your business, which can be tempting but may cause more harm than good. An unrealistic asking price can deter potential buyers. 


Alternatively, you could take advantage of our house valuation service. Start with an initial online offer, followed by a visit from one of our regional managers who will provide a precise and accurate valuation of your property — all completely free of charge. Our service ensures you receive a trustworthy valuation with minimal effort on your part. 


One final thing to bear in mind, is that you may also want to consider using terms like ‘offers in excess of (OIEO)’ or ‘offers over’ to describe your asking price. This can invite higher offers while giving you flexibility. Remember, buyers can still offer less than your asking price. 


3. Choose your estate agent


When you are trying to sell your house fast, you will want to make sure you have chosen the best estate agent for a fast sale. Traditional estate agents are often the slowest option, so you will need to consider property auctions, modern estate agents and online estate agents for a quicker sale.


Which is best for you?


  • Property auctions: Auctions, run by estate agents can speed up the sale process significantly, often concluding within 4 to 6 weeks, but they come with 2% auction commission. 
  • Modern estate agents: Here at The Property Selling Company, we can help you achieve almost full market value or more, and help you sell in as little as 28 days.
  • Online estate agents: Online estate agents are known for their speed and efficiency, often completing within a similar timeframe to our service, but they cost £1,000+ and you will be required to do a lot of the work yourself.


While we would love you to choose our service every time, we understand it may not suit everyone. If you opt to sell through any estate agency, you’ll sign a contract detailing the terms of the sale, known as instructing. 


Once you instruct an estate agent, they will arrange for a photographer to take professional photos of your home. Ensure your house is clean, clutter-free and well-presented. Close toilet lids, make beds, and add simple touches like bowls of fruit or flowers.


Your estate agent will also create a floor plan and write an online listing for your property. It’s important to choose an estate agent who lists on major property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as their own website for maximum exposure. 


Ideally, you should have your paperwork sorted before reaching this stage to streamline the process. 


Now, is also when you should be thinking about the conveyancing process, which is the legal transfer of property ownership. You should instruct a solicitor or conveyancer now, before you accept any offers, in order to speed the sale and demonstrate to buyers you are organised and committed. 


4. Handling viewings & offers


Using an estate agent to conduct house viewings can and will make a massive difference when it comes to selling your house fast on the market. 


Most estate agents are trained to showcase your home in the best possible light, making potential buyers more comfortable. With our service, we handle all house viewings, ensuring the best possible service is always upheld. We will never force you to do a house view, unless you have specifically expressed your desire to take the lead. 


Your estate agent will inform you of any offers for your home. Multiple offers will require you to carefully consider each, taking into account the offer amount, the buyer’s reliability and how fast they can move. 


Obviously, if you are looking for a quick sale, you will want your buyer to be chain free (cash buyer, investor), be a home mover who has already sold their home, be a first-time buyer, or be a home mover who has sold subject to contract (SSTC). 


5. Keep things moving


While it’s beneficial to set up alerts on property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, and register with estate agents early, the safest time to start actively house hunting is once your property is under offer or market as Sold Subject to Contract (SSTC). 


Doing so positions you better if you find a home that attracts multiple buyers, especially in competitive markets, where estate agents may not show properties until you have an accepted offer.


Starting your search at this stage also avoids the disappointment of having a desired house slip away to a buyer who is ready to move faster. 


Ensure your buyer understands what is included in the price, such as fixtures and fittings, to avoid misunderstandings later. Establishing dates for exchange and completion can help keep both parties aligned and committed.


Drawing up an agreed note of your plans with the buyer, while not legally binding, can reduce the likelihood of delays or the buyer pulling out.


Maintain clear communication throughout this period. Inform all parties, including your solicitor and estate agent, if you plan to go on holiday or if there are any changes in your availability. If you don’t understand certain aspects of the sale, consult your conveyancer – they are here to help. 


Exchange and complete


The final step in selling your house is the exchange and completion of contracts. During the exchange, your buyer will pay a deposit, making the process legally binding. If you are buying another property, ensure you have building insurance in place from this day forward.


Completion day is the culmination of the housing selling process. Once reached, you will have successfully sold your home. Move all your possessions out and drop your keys off at the estate agent. 


If you are both buying and selling, aim to complete both transactions on the same day to move your belongings directly from one property to their other, avoiding the need for storage.

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How fast can you sell a house with an online estate agent

When selling your house with an online estate agent, the process usually falls between the speed of modern estate agents and traditional estate agents. On average, an online estate agent takes around 6 weeks to list your property and find a buyer. Once a buyer is found, it usually takes an additional month to complete the sale.


Online estate agents primarily rely on the open market to find buyers. Unlike modern estate agents, they do not have extensive databases of pre-vetted buyers ready to purchase. This reliance can slow down the process.


Online estate agents often use digital marketing techniques, which, while effective, may not always match the speed and reach of modern estate agents with more targeted strategies.


On the other hand, modern estate agents often have databases of pre-vetted buyers, which can significantly expedite the sale process. They can match your property with ready buyers, reducing the time it takes to secure a deal. 


Modern estate agents also offer integrated services that streamline the selling process, from valuation to completion, making it faster and more efficient than the typical online estate agency route. 

Is it worth using an online estate agent to sell your house?

Online estate agents can offer a very cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional high street estate agents, but they do fall short when compared to modern estate agents.


This is mainly due to the fact that online estate agents cost, at varying levels, and it’s not a hassle-free process. Here are the different levels of online estate agent fees:

  • Less than £200: Typically offers listing on a single property portal (usually Rightmove) with remote valuation. These estate agents, often called listing agencies, provide minimal services. 
  • £200 to £500: Includes listings on at least one property portals, a ‘For Sale’ board, a basic write-up and possibly a floor plan, extras may come at additional costs.
  • £500 to £800: Provides listings on several portals (e.g. Rightmove, Zoopla), a ‘For Sale’ board, a professional write-up, buyer qualification, and a floor plan. Usually involves a regional agent. 
  • £800 to £1,200: Features a professional write-up, professional photography, a local estate agent with negotiation skills, in-person valuations, and extensive listings. Marketing efforts are more robust. 
  • £1,300 or more: Offers services akin to hybrid agents, often with a no-sale, no-fee guarantee, but usually requires granting sole agency for a set period. 


Many believe online estate agents lack local presence and rely solely on automated valuations. White this is true for lower-end services, higher-end online estate agents employ local property experts who live in the area. 


These local property experts understand the local markt, perform initial remote assessments, and conduct in-person visits to adjust valuations accurately. This approach mirrors the process of high street estate agents, ensuring accurate pricing based on local knowledge.


Modern estate agents on the other hand, prioritise cost-effectiveness, convenience and a comprehensive service that outshines both traditional and online estate agents. 


The Property Selling Company is one of the UK’s leading modern estate agents, and offers some of the most transparent and competitive pricing – we will cover all your selling and legal fees! All while helping you reach full market value for your property. 


Our estate agents provide a full suite of services, from valuation to completion, ensuring that the entire process is as hassle-free as possible. 


While online estate agents offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional high street estate agents, they often fall short compared to modern estate agents. We offer a balanced approach, combining no costs, comprehensive services, strong local expertise, and efficient processes. 


This makes them a superior choice for many sellers looking for a convenient, effective, and reliable way to sell their property. 

What are the benefits of using an online estate agent to sell your house?

Although we give them a lot of schtick, online estate agents can be quite beneficial if you want to sell your house in a reasonably quick fashion, like:

Using an online estate agent could save you thousands of pounds in fees compared to high street estate agents. Online estate agents usually cost around £1,000, but traditional estate agents can be up to 3% of your sale price, or £8,460 (using the £282,000 example). 


Online estate agents also offer a variety of packages that can be tailored to the level of support you need and the price you can afford. This flexibility lets you choose the best fit for your situation.

Online estate agents usually display their fees openly on their websites, inclusive of VAT. This transparency ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for. 


They provide a dedicated online dashboard that allows you to see every step of the process, from writing the marketing advert to following up with potential buyers, giving you a clear overview of the progress. 


You can manage everything online at your own convenience, which helps you to handle tasks and check updates whenever it suits you.

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What is the quickest way to sell your house?

When it comes to selling your house quickly, there are really only three house selling routes which can provide you with a fast house sale; cash house buyers, property auctions and modern estate agents. 


As we have already established, the quickest way to sell your house is through a cash house buying company, who can buy your house between one week and a month. The cash buying arm of our business can help you sell in as little as 7 days, all for free.


You can expect to receive around 75% – 85% of your home’s market value, meaning you will lose a significant amount of potential profit. 


Property auctions can be one of the faster ways to sell, especially if you use our auction branch of the company. We might even be able to list your property in the same week as you sign up! 

What is the fastest a house sale can go through?

For those in urgent need to sell, working with a reputable cash buyer or considering a property auction can provide the quickest solutions. While you may not achieve the full market value, the speed and certainty of these methods can be highly advantageous for sellers prioritising a fast sale. 


However, sellers who want to sell quickly and still get a reasonable price for their home might find that a modern estate agent is their best option. 

Quick sale options

The fastest route, with sales agreements often reached in 7 days and completed in 14 days. Choosing an experienced cash buyer is vital for a fast transaction. Experienced buyers can navigate the market efficiently, ensuring a quick turnaround.


To sell your house quickly via a cash buyer, ensure you choose an experienced and genuine buyer. Their familiarity with the market and streamlined process can significantly reduce the time required to complete the sale. One of the best UK cash house buyers is our parent company. Want to know more? Talk to one of our team!

Another fast alternative, with completion times typically set at either 28 or 56 days. Auctions can attract competitive bidding, potentially driving up the final sale price.


Property auctions are ideal for those who need a definitive timeline. Ensure your house is well-prepared to attract serious bidders and achieve a good sale price within the auction time frame.

The fastest among traditional methods, modern estate agents can help you sell your home in 28 days or more. They combine local market knowledge with advanced technology to expedite the selling process.


For sellers seeking a balance between speed and price, modern estate agents offer a comprehensive service that leverages both local expertise and technological efficiency. They can attract a broad audience and achieve a quicker sale compared to traditional estate agents.

Can you speed up a house sale?

When it comes to selling your house, as you can probably gather, it can take a while. There are many ways to cut corners, but we would always recommend you follow guidelines and make sure whatever you do is completely legal. 


Here are some legal ways to speed up the selling process:

Whether you are selling via a modern estate agent, property auction or cash buying company, set a realistic target date for exchanging contracts to provide a clear timeline and keep everyone motivated. 


While it is important to set deadlines, allow some flexibility between exchange and completion if necessary, but avoid being too lenient with the exchange date to maintain momentum.

Before you start the house sale, if you are planning to buy an onward property, you should make sure your personal finances are in order. This includes maintaining a good credit score, having three months’ payslips and bank statements ready (or annual accounts if self-employed), and obtaining an Agreement in principle from your mortgage lender. 


But, you will need to gather all the relevant paperwork for your property, such as lease information (if applicable), FENSA certificates for double glazing and boiler servicing records. 


Make sure you keep any and all property documents in a safe place, and hand over to your solicitor when possible.

Regularly check in with your solicitor to monitor progress and ensure all necessary steps are being taken. Keep in frequent contact with your estate agent to stay updated on buyer interest and any issues that arise.

Stay informed about what needs to be done and by when. Actively managing the process helps you keep on track of tasks and ensures nothing is overlooked. If you can use excel spreadsheets or Google sheets, this can be a great free tool to keep track of your progress. 


Many online estate agents will have user friendly portals or apps to help you track your house sale. Being proactive can significantly reduce delays and streamline your sale.

If using a modern, online or traditional estate agent, make sure your agent uses a professional photographer to make your online listing stand out, as properties with high-quality photos tend to sell faster. 


Additionally, ensure your property is listed on multiple platforms, including social media, to reach a wider audience and attract more potential buyers.

How long do most house sales take?

According to Zoopla, on average, it takes about 25 weeks to sell a home, from the moment it’s first listed to the moment you hand over the keys to your buyer. However, the duration can vary widely, usually ranging between 17 and 34 weeks.   Several factors that can influence the length of the process, including poor communication, delays in conveyancing or mortgage applications, and the time required for searches to come back. It’s important to note that the selling timeline begins when the property is first listed, not when it goes under offer, as that’s just when the paperwork begins.   According to Zoopla’s data, the average home takes 185 days, or approximately 25 weeks, to sell from the time it’s first marketed. In contrast, The Property Selling Company can help you sell in much faster timeframes. Here’s a closer look at the average time to sell data from Zoopla compared to The Property Selling Company:
Selling stagesZooplaThe Property Selling Company
Listing the property1 to 3 days1 to 3 days
Receiving an offer5 to 14 weeks1 to 7 days
Conveyancing & mortgage application process12 to 16 weeks8 to 12 weeks
Exchange to completion1 to 28 days1 to 14 days
Total time taken17 to 34 weeks10 to 16 weeks

By choosing The Property Selling Company, sellers can expect a much faster process on average, as we use efficient marketing, experienced estate agents, and streamlined internal processes to help you achieve a  faster sale. 

What types of property sell the fastest?

As we progress through 2024, the UK housing market is experiencing a noticeable shift, with homes selling faster than ever before, partly because of changes in buyer and seller behaviour but also partly due to the house selling method they are choosing. 

Before Covid, most houses were sold via traditional estate agents. However, since the pandemic, there has been a significant rise in alternative selling methods, such as cash house buyers, online estate agents, and online property auctions, which have gained a substantial market share, and sped up the house selling process.

Fastest selling property types:

According to Zoopla, two-bedroom houses are currently the fastest selling homes. Three-bedroom semi-detached houses and one bedroom flats also have strong and steady demand, although they are experiencing slight slowdowns. Detached houses with 4+ bedrooms are selling the slowest due to affordability issues.

Using data from The Property Selling Company’s internal database, our fastest selling property type is the three-bedroom semi-detached house, taking 74 days from listing to completion. Two and three bedroom terraced houses follow closely behind, taking 76 days from listing to completion.

Two bedroom terraced houses


  • Speed: The quickest to sell, averaging 28 days. With The Property Selling Company, these homes sell in just 7 days. 
  • Demand: High demand due to value for money and relatively rare availability.
  • Trend: The only property type consistently selling within a month.


Three bedroom semi-detached houses


  • Speed: Taking an average of 32 days to sell. With The Property Selling Company, these homes sell in just 16 days.
  • Demand: Strong demand for families, but cooling slightly due to rising mortgage rates.
  • Trend: Two weeks longer than last year, reflecting market shifts.


One bedroom flats


  • Speed: Selling in 37 days on average
  • Demand: Steady demand, maintaining a quick turnover despite a slight increase in selling time.
  • Trend: An increase of nine days from last year, yet still relatively quick.


Detached houses with 4+ bedrooms


  • Speed: The slowest, taking 47 days on average.
  • Demand: Decreased demand, longer selling times driven by affordability issues.
  • Trend: Higher borrowing costs and the cost-of-living crisis have slowed down sales for larger properties. 


Property type analysis according to Zoopla

Terraced houses are currently the fastest-selling property type across the UK, taking an average of just 56 days to sell. Factors contributing to this swift turnaround include affordability, appealing locations and attractiveness to first time buyers and young families. 


Notably, two bedroom terraced houses remain highly desirable due to high mortgage rates encouraging value-conscious buyers and their limited supply.

Semi-detached houses are popular among growing families and those seeking more space than a terraced house, while still being relatively affordable compared to detached houses. These properties are selling in an average of 58 days.

Flats are taking an average of 75 days to sell. While they appeal to first-time buyers and young professionals, the market for flats can be more competitive, especially in cities where there are many similar properties. Despite this, the demand for flats has remained steady, likely due to their affordability and concentration in traditionally faster-moving city markets.

Detached houses are currently taking the longest to sell, with an average of 78 days on the market. These properties are usually higher in price, limiting the pool of potential buyers. The increase in time to sell for larger homes is driven by the cost-of-living crisis and higher borrowing costs, reducing the number of people looking to move house.

If you’re considering selling your home fast, now is an excellent time to take advantage of improving market conditions. At The Property Selling Company, our team of experienced estate agents is here to help guide you through the selling process and achieve a fast and successful sale.

Sell your house fast with The Property Selling Company

The Property Selling Company stands out as a top choice for anyone seeking a fast and hassle-free way to sell their home. Our tied and tested process, has allowed us to prioritise speed, value maximisation and transparency, setting us apart from both traditional and online estate agents.


By offering to cover all selling and legal fees, we can save homeowners thousands of pounds. Furthermore, our personalised service and expertise ensures a completely smooth and hassle-free selling experience. 

Who should sell with The Property Selling Company?

Our modern estate agency is ideal for homeowners facing time-sensitive situations, such as relocation or financial struggles. We can cater to anyone who wants to avoid the complexities of traditional estate agent sales and prioritises a streamlined process. 


We are also a perfect fit for any homeowner who is looking to maximise their property’s value, as we can often achieve near full market value, or even more, unlike cash house buyers who will usually offer below market prices.  


Whether you have a flat, detached house, or terraced property, The Property Selling Company has the expertise to handle it all. 

Ready to sell your house fast?

We honestly believe that we offer a superior alternative to both traditional and online estate agents. Combining speed,  comprehensive services, local expertise and efficient internal processes, making us a compelling choice for sellers who want a convenient, fast, and reliable way to sell their home.


Our commitment to customer satisfaction and a proven track record further solidify our position as a leading modern estate agency in the UK. 


If you’re looking to sell your house fast without compromising value or peace of mind, The Property Selling Company is the answer. We offer a variety of selling solutions, including our modern estate agency service, a cash buying service for prioritising speed, and a property auction platform for competitive bidding. 


Contact us today to receive a free house valuation and expert advice on the best way to sell your home.

Sell your house fast & get more for your house

Frequently Asked Questions when selling your house fast

The fastest way to sell your house is through a cash house buyer (sell in as little as 7 days), or a property auction (sell between 7 days and 1 month). Although these selling methods can reduce the time it takes to sell your house, you will be selling below market value.


Selling through a modern estate agency like The Property Selling Company means you can sell in as little as 28 days, but reach near market value or even more.

Costs can vary, as traditional estate agent fees sit at 1% to 3% +VAT, property auctions cost 2%+VAT, online estate agents cost £1,000 on average, and modern estate agents and cash buyers are free. But, with most selling routes, unless covered by the company, you will also need to pay legal fees. 


When selling with The Property Selling Company, we cover all the fees associated with selling, including your marketing and legal costs.

The factors that have the most impact on the speed of your house sale include your property’s location, condition, pricing, market demand and the method of sale (traditional, auction, or cash buyer). The time of year and economic conditions like mortgage rates and inflation also play a role.

The best things you can do to prepare your house for fast sale is to declutter and clean the property, make necessary repairs (leaky taps, lightbulbs), enhance curb appeal, and consider staging. A well-presented home can attract buyers more quickly.

Required documents usually include the property deed, proof of identity, property information form, fittings and contents form, energy performance certificate, and relevant warranties or guarantees.

Cash house buyers often offer less than market value, usually between 70% to 85% of the property’s value, to account for the fast transaction and reduced risk.


As a modern estate agency we can offer you near market value, usually 95% or more, and help you sell in as little as 28 days.

Selling at auction can be very fast, depending on the time of the auction, you could list your property and then sell the property within the same week! Once the hammer falls, the sale is legally binding, and completion usually occurs within 28 days.

Fees can include an entry fee, auctioneer’s commission (usually around 2% to 2.5% of the sale price), and legal fees. Some auctions may also charge a marketing fee.

Auction is suitable for houses that are unique, require renovation or have high demand. It’s less suitable for standard properties that might do better with traditional marketing or that would sell easily on the open market like two bedroom terraced houses or three bedroom semi-detached houses.


If you have a house, need to sell fast, but don’t think it will perform well in an auction, then why don’t you sell to The Property Selling Company? We can help you sell in as little as 28 days, selling far faster than any other online or traditional estate agency on the market.

Modern estate agents, also known as hybrid estate agents offer a blend of traditional estate agency services with enhanced technology for marketing and communication. 


Online estate agents on the other hand, primarily operate online, make you do most of the work, charge £1,000 on average for you to list your property with Rightmove or Zoopla and offer a less personalised service.

Online estate agents charge fixed fees, running from £300 to £1,500, which is lower than traditional estate agent commissions, but you may also face hidden fees for necessary house selling processes like estate agent photography or marketing.


Modern estate agents, like The Property Selling Company are completely free for the seller, and you will never face any hidden fees.

Modern estate agents, such as The Property Selling Company, often cover all costs associated with selling a house. This means that as a seller, you typically won’t incur any fees. These companies earn their profit from their buyer, as their commission is derived from the buyer’s payment, ensuring a cost-free experience for the seller.

Modern estate agents offer the full estate agency service, including house valuation, professional photography, online listings with Rightmove and Zoopla, social media marketing, and support throughout the sales process — all for free.

Online estate agents offer property listings on Rightmove and Zoopla, virtual tours, basic photography and a sales platform for communication, all of which come at varying levels of cost based packages.

When choosing between modern and online estate agents, consider your budget, the level of personalised service you need and the complexity of your sale. Modern estate agents provide hands-on support and combine the benefits of traditional services with the efficiency of technology, making them ideal for those seeking a comprehensive, in-depth and free approach.


Online estate agents, such as Purplebricks are known for their cost-effectiveness and simplicity when compared to traditional estate agents. But, they are lacking when compared to the power and speed of modern estate agents.

Advantages of using a modern estate agent over a traditional agent include better use of technology for marketing, the process is completely free for the seller, and a combination of online efficiency with a completely personalised service.

Modern or hybrid estate agents utilise digital marketing, online scheduling for viewings and data analytics to target potential buyers more effectively. They often have a database of pre-vetted investors, landlords or buyers who are either cash buyers or have pre-approved mortgages and finance. 

Modern estate agents offer flexible viewing schedules, sometimes include virtual viewings and use online platforms to facilitate and streamline negotiations. 


At The Property Selling Company, we use companies tied to our business to carry out estate agent photography and viewings, but we will handle all and any negotiations, making sure you never have to lift a finger.

Yes, but review your contract for any notice periods or fees associated with terminating the agreement with your current estate agent. 


If you wish to transfer your house to our service, we can help you do this, but it is important to note that you may incur fees from your original estate agent (we won’t cover this).

To make sure the modern estate agent you are about to choose is reputable and trustworthy, you should check their online reviews, ask around to see if anyone else has used them, verify their credentials and ensure they are members of professional bodies like The Property Ombudsman, the National Association of Property Buyers, the National Association of Estate Agents or are affiliated with RICS. 


At The Property Selling Company, we are members of both The Property Ombudsman and the National Association of Property Buyers. We are also rated as Great on TrustPilot and have thousands of reviews through our partner company.

Modern estate agents are well-equipped to sell any type of property, thanks to their extensive network of pre-vetted buyers. For example, The Property Selling Company can assist in selling a variety of properties, whether it’s a flat, a tenanted terraced house, or a semi-detached property in need of renovation, often within as little as 28 days.


If your house might be considered a ‘problem property’ we can also offer the option of selling through our auction branch, providing a versatile solution to meet your selling needs.

There’s no need to! When you sell your house via The Property Selling Company, you won’t face any fees, as we cover all the costs usually associated with selling your house – including marketing and legal costs.

Yes, you will need a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to manage the legal aspects of selling your house. If you choose to sell your house fast with us, we provide access to a panel of solicitors who are integral to our process and can act swiftly. Additionally, we cover the cost of these solicitors, ensuring a smooth and free experience for you.

The conveyancing process usually takes around 8 to 12 weeks, but can vary depending on the complexity of the sale and any issues that may arise. If you are currently undergoing a divorce, having boundary issues or any other complicated legal challenges, this will extend the conveyancing process significantly.

Legal fees can range from £500 to £1,500 depending on the solicitor, the experience of the solicitor and the complexity of the transaction. 


As mentioned, The Property Selling Company will cover all your legal costs when you sell your house through us.

You may need to pay Capital Gains Tax if the property is not your primary residence or if it’s used for business purposes.

This really depends on the market, the type of property and the house selling method you have chosen. Furnished homes can attract buyers looking for a move-in ready option and you could meet an agreement with the buyer, where they purchase the furniture as well. While unfurnished properties can appeal to buyers wanting to personalise the space.


If the property needs to be renovated, or is classed as a problem property you may want to consider hiring a staging company to temporarily furniture the property for estate agent photography, but don’t furniture it permanently.

If you want to market your property for a quick sale, your best option is to use The Property Selling Company’s estate agency. We can take professional photographs of your property, create compelling online property listings and help you price it competitively, highlighting key features and boost it on property portals. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Although it’s not mandatory for a seller to get a home survey, it can be beneficial. A survey can identify potential issues that you can address before listing the property, potentially speeding up the sale process.


If the buyer conducts a survey during the offer process and issues are discovered, they may negotiate the price down to cover the cost of necessary repairs. By being proactive and addressing these issues, you can avoid last-minute negotiations.

In order to increase the value of your home before selling, you could consider making improvements such as updating kitchens and bathrooms, enhancing the exterior look of your property, making necessary repairs and ensuring the property is clean and well-presented.

What are you waiting for? Sell the easy way…