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Living in Nottingham

the UK’s Robin Hood city

About Nottingham

Nottingham is a city in the East Midlands, England, with one of the most culturally rich English histories. The town has been around since Anglo-Saxons times. But has been thrown into myths and legends with the tale of Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest and his band of merry men. This is, of course, not the only reason Nottingham is the city it is today; you can also thank the 18th-century lace-making, bicycle and tobacco industries. 


Whether you are looking for houses in Nottingham, estate agents in Nottingham, property auctions in Nottingham or cheap homes for sale in Nottingham – there is something here to suit all budgets and tastes. Explore the city and discover why so many people choose to make their home in this historic town!

Best areas to live in Nottingham

Presently, Nottingham has the eighth largest city economy in the UK and has established itself as the powerhouse of the Midlands. The city prides itself on having a rich, mythical history and very present textiles, digital media and science industries. Whilst salaries may be lower than their London counterparts, Nottingham has been praised for its saver friendly and low cost of living. 


The employment sector of Nottingham is ever-increasing, and there are always opportunities to grow and advance. If textiles or sciences aren’t your forte, there is still a wealth of opportunities in the music industry, retail, and hospitality. 


Over the past year, Nottingham has had an average house price of £239,418, with semi-detached housing selling the most at £224,930. Terraced properties sold for an average of £171,635, and detached properties sold on average for £362,221.

Located just three miles from Nottingham centre, the area provides a perfect place for commuters to Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough. Not only is Beeston well known amongst commuting professionals, but also students and families. The University of Nottingham is just an 11-minute journey by car to Beeston, so the area has a young and thriving community. 


Beeston is a town that was very popular during the Victorian and Edwardian times and then again during the 1920s and 30s. The city underwent massive periods of growth during the early 20th century, supporting families of workers and mill owners. There is a wide variety of terraced, semi-detached and detached houses available. 


The average house price in Beeston over the past 12 months was £279,992, with semi-detached properties selling the most at £263,437. Terraced properties sold on average for £204,571, and detached houses sold for £453,200.

Burton Joyce is located seven miles east of Nottingham and north of the River Trent. Originally the site of an Iron age fort and later occupied by the Normans, the village is as enriched in history as Nottingham. The town boasts a close-knit community spirit and is well known for its independent shops and way of life. 


The village is a beautiful mix of timber frame barns from the 1700s, early industrial revolution terraced homes, mid-century semi-detached houses and some new build properties. Having played its part in agricultural and industrial industries in the past, the town is a real gem in the Nottinghamshire countryside. 


The average house price of Burton Joyce over the past 12 months is £291,996, with semi-detached properties selling the most at £250,883. Detached properties sold for £462,839, and terraced properties sold for £163,909.

West Bridgford is located only one mile from the centre of Nottingham and boasts a booming economy of activity. The area is one of Nottingham and Midland’s most sought-after places to live and has a variety of excellent pubs and restaurants, schools and open green spaces, sports centres and football grounds. 


The town was historically known as “Bread and Lard Island” by the people of Nottingham, which referenced that the people of West Bridgford had spent so much money on large houses that they didn’t have enough for a balanced diet. The housing type of West Bridgford is a real eclectic mix of late 18th and early 19th-century large-family homes to modern new builds and developments.


Over the last year, the average house price in West Bridgford was £344,723, with detached properties selling the most at £524,960. Semi-detached properties sold on average for £349,830, and terraced properties sold for £229,754.

Is living in Nottingham worth it?

Totally! Nottingham is one of the top places to live outside of London; with a breadth of outside space and the hustle and bustle, the city never sleeps. There are all sorts of areas of Nottingham to explore, from historical landmarks to tight-knit communities; Nottingham is the ideal place for students, young professionals and families. 


If you want to live in Nottingham, then sell to us! Simply fill out our no obligation, free valuation form and receive an offer from us. We are experts in residential sales and can help you with any onward purchases.


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Should you invest in the Nottingham housing market?

If you are a property investor, a letting agent, or someone looking to build a portfolio of properties, Nottingham is a great place to invest. The city boasts a high capital appreciation, a robust local economy, and a solid long-term, short term and student rental market. 


Nottingham’s economy is expected to continue to generate 1.7% growth year on year until Q4 2023, providing over 5000 new jobs. This as a result should continue the growth of the property market due to a strong economic projection.

Is it worth buying a property in Nottingham?

Yes, it is worth buying a property in Nottingham. The city’s economy is rated one of the best in the UK, with employment opportunities continuing to grow. This, paired with the lower-than-average cost of living and house prices being significantly lower than the average, indicates that Nottingham is a worthy contender for one of the best property investment cities in the UK.

Are house prices falling in Nottingham?

The housing market in Nottingham remains firm, even during the current economic downturn. Despite rising mortgage rates, the demand for residential and rental properties has yet to drop noticeably in Nottingham. The housing prices of Nottingham are some of the fastest growing in the UK, with average house prices increasing 13% by the end of November 2022.

Safe places to live in Nottingham

Nottingham has always been renowned for its story and history in crime, be it from Robin Hood stealing from the crown and giving to the poor or being the worst city in the UK for bike theft in 2021.


Nottingham’s total population is 323,700, with 226,400 aged 16-64. There are more students (45,300) in Nottingham than people over 65 (38,000).  


But, like all cities, there is a high and low-level crime; it’s just what happens in areas of such economic importance. Here are a few of the safest places in Nottingham to live in:

Keyworth is a village, 6 miles southeast of Nottingham city centre and sits about 200 ft above sea level. The area has an Academy and Sixth Form School, three primary schools, a leisure centre and many open spaces such as the Stanton On The Wolds Golf Course and Rectory playing field. 


Back in 1983, Keyworth was the home of Colette Aram, who was murdered by Paul Stewart Hutchinson, which was the first case to be featured on Crimewatch in 1984. Keyworth has come a long way since then and now provides a safe neighbourhood for young people and families. According to Nottinghamshire Police, in October 2022, there were 49 reported offences in Keyworth, compared to 891 reported violations in Nottingham city centre. 


Over the past year, the average house price in Keyworth was £308,978, with detached houses selling for £372,726. Semi-detached houses sold on average for £270,800, and terraced properties sold for £199,577.

Tollerton is a small village located southeast of Nottingham whose population are mainly commuters into Nottingham. Located close by is Nottingham Airport, which is well connected to the rest of the world; there are also bus routes ferrying people back and forth to Nottingham centre.


The village consists mainly of large detached houses and closed-off neighbourhoods, allowing for a highly safe environment for families and businesspeople. According to Nottingham Police, in October 2022, there were only three reported crimes in Tollerton compared to 891 reported crimes in Nottingham centre.


In Tollerton, the average house price over the past year has been £518,753, with detached properties selling the most at £674,029. Semi-detached properties sold on average for £426,781, and terraced properties sold for £271,898.

Mapperley is an area of north-eastern Nottingham that borders Sherwood forest to the northwest. It is the highest area of Nottingham and was the source of Nottingham’s brick houses in the early 19th century. The site is well connected by multiple bus routes and has an excellent school in the area.


The area is a popular area of Nottingham, with many desirable properties. There are plenty of shops and retail opportunities. According to Nottingham Police, in October 2022, there were 31 reported crimes in Mapperley compared to 891 reported crimes in Nottingham centre. 


The average house price in Mapperley over the past 12 months was £232,790, with semi-detached properties selling for an average of £233,510. Detached properties sold for £322,132, and terraced houses sold for £182,146.

Up-and-coming areas of Nottingham

Up-and-coming areas are on the cusp of entering regeneration, which often means they have slightly higher crime rates and lower-rated schools. But, by purchasing property in the growing and coming regions, you can buy cheap and reap the benefits of higher yields further down the road.


Some of the best up-and-coming areas can be categorised by the type of people that currently inhabit them; below, we have included Dunkirk, which is perfect for student housing, Hockley, which is excellent for young professionals and St. Ann’s, which is great for Buy-To-Lets.

Dunkirk is an area of Nottingham located just south of the University of Nottingham, which has a varied mix of permanent residents and student populations. Over the years, the site has attracted more and more students, especially international students and has a population demographic of 60.4% aged between 16-24. 


The area also hosts the largest teaching hospital in Europe, The Queen’s Medical Centre, which employs 6000 people. This vast enterprise means the site is constantly booming with activity and has positively impacted the local community. 


Over the past year, Dunkirk had an overall house price of £273,125, with the majority of sales being detached houses at £420,000. Semi-detached houses sold on average for £259,000, and terraced properties sold for £182,500.

Hockley is a small area of Nottingham, just south of the Victoria Centre, and lies adjacent to the Lace Market area. The site comprises many well-preserved Victorian buildings and has many new-age bars, restaurants and clothes shops. It has been dubbed “the Soho of Nottingham” by the locals.


Over the last year, Hockley had an average house price of £93,833, which was 13% down from the previous year, and 39% down from the peak of 2004 at £152,784.

St. Ann’s is a large area in the City of Nottingham and is named after the patron saint of lacemakers. Originally, St Ann’s was a spring thought to heal people with sore eyes. The area also has a deep history of manufacturing brown earthenware, especially beer mugs. Its population is mainly working class with a very diverse community.


St. Ann’s is constantly undergoing change and redevelopment; the area is perfect for Buy-To-Lets, as there is a very high demand for rental properties. In terms of developments, there is currently a plan to build energy-efficient council homes in St Ann’s and for St Ann’s market to be regenerated with £200,000,000. 


Over the past year, St Ann’s had an average house price of £157,326, with flats selling the most at £112,745. Terraced properties sold for an average of £153,420, and semi-detached properties sold for £202,486.

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