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* Statistics highlighted above are correct as of December 2020, Home.co.uk.

Living in Leeds

the UK’s third largest city

What area of Leeds is best to live in?

Leeds, located in West Yorkshire, is the third largest city in England and has over 515,000 people. The city runs on both sides of the River Aire and is famous for its part in the industrial revolution. Many railway arches and factories have been regenerated into live music venues, flats and offices, providing a thriving night and day scene. 


The city has a beautiful balance between victorian era landmarks and modern skyscrapers, and the city is set to continue to grow vertically and horizontally over the next few decades. The City Centre is popular with students and young professionals as it boasts many employment opportunities. 


But, the areas of interest for growing families or retirement tend to be more towards the suburbs. The city has many beautiful parks and activities for families of all ages to enjoy. 


The average house price in Leeds over the last year was £250,477. Most house sales were semi-detached properties at £244,204—terraced properties sold for an average of £179, 825 and detached homes for £482,477.


We will help you sell your property in Leeds in as little as 28 days, or we have plenty of properties in Leeds available to buy.

Horsforth is a town on the outskirts of Leeds, only 13 minutes away from the City Centre by train. The town is home to Leeds Trinity University’s residential campus and boasts a thriving student population because of this. There are also many bars and pubs varying from 17th-century traditional pubs to modern bars and lounges. 


The town is also great for foodies as there are plenty of independent cafes and pubs and plenty for families to do as the area is littered with parks and family-run businesses. 


There are plenty of development sites in Horsforth, as factory owners used the area to house families working in factories during the industrial revolution. With a £22.5 million development plan to regenerate an area of Horsforth into a place of affordable housing, there are no signs of a slowing property market!


The average sold house prices in Horsforth over the last year is £327,896, with the majority of sales going to semi-detached properties at £325,103. Terraced properties sold for an average of £270,674, and detached properties sold for £493,568.

Chapel Allerton is a suburb of Leeds, located on Harrogate road and is popular with young professionals, commuters and families with children as it has many quirky boutiques and bookstores. The multicultural area boasts many global eateries, cafes and traditional pubs. 


There is only a 10-minute drive from the City Centre and has many buses driving between. Independent art spaces offer clay-making and pot-painting classes, which are perfect for students and families.


The average sold house price in Chapel Allerton over the last year was £281,893. With semi-detached properties selling for an average price of £324,070. Terraced properties sold for an average price of £235,261, and flats sold for £177,102.

The Leeds Waterfront, or Docks, were once all factories and mills with canal and river connections during the Industrial revolution. The Leeds City Council and developers have spent money to turn this into a destination for young people and families. Many of the buildings are high-rise modern apartment blocks that are stunning in contrast with the old victoria bridges. 


Alongside the river, you can find the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds Art Gallery, The Tetley, Granary Wharf, Brewery Wharf and much more — all of which are perfect for a first date or day out with the family. 


Leeds Dock had an overall average sold price of £285,000 over the past year, with prices up by 7% from the previous year and 10% further from 2017.

Are house prices falling in Leeds?

According to the forecast, the average house price in Leeds will be more than £22,000 higher in five years compared to now, even though property prices are expected to drop over the next year. There is no real reason why home buyers or investors should be worried about any suggested falling house prices unless they wish to sell within the following year. 


There is no current evidence to support the falling house prices, albeit a slight slow in the market. Even still, we do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the best possible price on your Leeds home.

Should you invest in the Leeds housing market?

The City Centre of Leeds especially is dramatically increasing for the better; there is a steady rise of businesses, high-rises and regenerated mills that offer attractive options for young professionals looking for a lively atmosphere. Many of these young professionals have large budgets, which makes the City Centre & Leeds Docks an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to invest in the Leeds housing market. 


Alternatively, if you are looking to invest in property as a landlord, then consider buying property in areas like Pudsey, Kirkstall and Chapeltown, as these are the areas which are predicted to grow the most over the coming years.

Where is the safest place to live in Leeds, UK?

As with all large cities in the United Kingdom, there is often much stick for areas that were once primarily industrial, but Leeds has put a lot of emphasis on regeneration over the years. It is the third-largest city in England and does have one of the fastest-growing economies. But, there are still problematic areas, as with most towns of its size. 


The people and community spirit of Leeds as a whole is one that the North of England is proud of. They will rally behind you if you need support, and Leeds is a multicultural hub within the North. Below are only a few of the many unique areas of Leeds:

Headingley is a laid-back, suburban cultural hotspot on the outskirts of the City Centre. It has a huge student population, so there are plenty of bars, restaurants and quirky shops. The area is famous for Headingley Stadium, which hosts Leeds Rhinos, Yorkshire Carnegie and Yorkshire County Cricket Club. 


Headingley is safe for young professionals, students and families alike due to the eccentric mix of community that creates a fun-loving, vibrant and friendly environment. Close by Headingley is the Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds, offering a wealth of educational opportunities. 


Over the past year, Headingley has had an average sold price of £262,839, with most semi-detached properties selling at £317,621. Terraced properties sold for an average price of £242,193, and flats sold for £176,102.

Alwoodley is a suburb of North Leeds, about 5 miles from the centre and is connected via many bus routes. It is also located in LS17, which is reported to be the most expensive housing area in Yorkshire and the Humber. 


The area surrounding Alwoodley has plenty of parks and open spaces, as well as pubs and eateries. You may also find The Grammar School At Leeds in Alwoodley, which boasts excellent education facilities. There are also outdoor activities, like Alwoodley Golf Club, considered one of Britain’s finest inland courses.


The overall average sold price in Alwoodley over the last year was £399,726, with most house sales being semi-detached at £348,857. Flats sold on average for £210,171, and detached houses sold for £803,759.

Roundhay, located in LS8, is one of the larger suburbs of Leeds, with a population of around 22,500. The area is famous for its Roundhay Park, the second largest city park in Europe and comprises more than 700 acres of parkland, lakes and woodland. 


Roundhay and Oakwood have various housing types, from Victorian terraced houses and villas to 20th Century detached and semi-detached houses. The area is unique, as there has always been a gradual house-building approach, so there isn’t a dominant type or era of housing. 


Over the last year, Roundhay has had an average overall price of £305,928, with most sales being semi-detached houses at £325,872. Flats sold for £176,322, and terraced properties sold for £271,322.

Is now a good time to buy a house in Leeds?

Leeds is perfect for potential buyers or investors looking to build a portfolio or a home. Buy-to-let investors will benefit from Leeds being one of the highest possible yields in the UK, on average 8.7% compared to London’s 3.05%. 


Home buyers who buy a property in Leeds now will benefit from affordable house prices and the potential for the house price to rise over the next five years. Most people who buy a home to grow a family or to work hold the house for over ten years, so the potential for house value increase is apparent.

What areas are up and coming in Leeds?

We’ve covered the best and safest places to live in Leeds. But what about areas which are up and coming? Leeds has many opportunities for areas to grow, precisely what the following regions in Leeds are doing! Many have great schools, transport connections, shopping opportunities and business growth:

Historically, Chapeltown has always had a reputation, but due to regeneration and the spirit of the communities that inhabit it, there is real promise and potential for the area to become a booming area of Leeds. 


Chapeltown had an average price of £202,867, with terraced properties selling the most at £157,873. Semi-detached properties sold for £254,134, and flats sold for £161,278. For an example of Chapeltown’s growth, sold prices have been up 16% since 2019.

Pudsey is slightly further outside of Leeds than our previous suggestions, but it is worth noting. The town is a market town famous for selling a selection of locally sourced produce, and there is Pudsey Park, the second most visited park in the entire of Leeds.


Over the last year, Pudsey has had an average house price of £215,978, with terraced properties selling the most at £184,902. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £217,883, and detached properties sold for £378,547.

Cross Gates is a suburb of Leeds and sits between Seacroft and Swarcliffe. House prices are often affordable, and the area is filled with amiable people. Over the years, the town has transformed dramatically from a village to a booming commuter town. 


Over the past year, the average sold house price of Cross Gates has been £221,979, with semi-detached houses selling for £226,699. Terraced properties sold for an average price of £200,554, and detached homes sold on average for £327,886.

Kirkstall is a multicultural hub within Leeds City Centre outskirts that is well known for its beautiful Kirkstall Abbey. Wonderfully traditional and stunning Victorian-era terraced homes, schools and shops are available. 


It is a favoured area for people of all ages, and there has been a recent push to turn the riverside business parks into residential properties for possible student housing. This is partly due to a riverside flood wall being built to protect the area from extensive flooding.


Over the past year, Kirkstall has had an average sold house price of £229,447, with the majority of sales being semi-detached properties selling for an average price of £249,461. Terraced properties sold for an average price of £198,309, and flats sold for an average of £177,501.

Is living in Leeds worth it?

Yes, living in Leeds is worth it! Leeds has a thriving, exciting and walkable city centre which is easily amongst the best in the UK. According to the MoneySuperMarkets quality of living index, Leeds was voted the best big city in England for the standard of living. 


Although Leeds can be an expensive city, it is still 19.37% cheaper to live in Leeds than in London, and average rent prices are 51.66% more affordable than in London.

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