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Sell Your House for Free

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Sell Your House for Free


So, you want to sell your house for free without all the fees and hidden costs — well you’ve come to the right place.


We offer a full online estate agent service, without the fees – because we want to change the way you sell houses. The days of expensive solicitor fees are behind us, we’ll cover everything, so you don’t have to. We will be with you every step of the way, doing all the legwork, and then continue even after the process is complete.


We will market your property, organise viewings, cover legal fees, negotiate better deals all for free – want to see how we tick? See our price, evidence, services, knowledge and success rates comparison below for more information.


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Sell your house for free

‘How can I sell my house for free?’ Is a great question and we’re glad you asked. With some traditional and online estate agents, selling your house can be a very costly thing. But not with us – selling your house for free has never been easier, we will pay for all your legal, solicitor, photography, marketing, viewing and forward negotiation fees, which means you’ll have more money to spend on the really important things.

How can we help you sell for free?


Over the years, we have built a seamless process to provide you with excellent service and help you sell for free. You will benefit from our team’s expertise in the property industry – but also in marketing, legal and completion services:


Once you have received interest on the listing of your property – we will organise and pay for professional viewings of your property. This will be done around your schedule, and not interrupt your daily life.

Legal fees

Paying for solicitors and conveyancers can be a costly endeavour – conveyancers in the UK can cost anywhere from £850-£1500 (depending on location, and the cost of disbursements). We will cover all your legal costs, so that’s an extra £850-£1500 for your pocket.


You will benefit from our expert team of consultants who are the driving force of our company. They will do everything they can to barter you the best price possible for your home, and squeeze as much money as they can out of the buyer. They will even help you negotiate any further onward purchases and help you move if that’s something you want us to do. Our service doesn’t just stop when you hand your keys over, we’ll go above and beyond.


Online agent vs estate agent vs The Property Selling Company


Your bog standard estate agent will normally charge between 1% – 3%+VAT of your selling price on a house, which means on a £90,000 property – you could be paying up to £3240 worth of estate agent fees (inc. VAT).


An online estate agent will normally charge you a flat fee depending on the size and type of your property – anywhere from £100 – £1000. But, many online estate agents will charge you for ‘additional add-ons’ like marketing your home (£600 on average), organising viewings (£700 on average), and sorting out solicitors (£850-£1500). All of which are necessary to selling your property online, which begs the question, are they really additional?


With us however, we will cover all your legal fees and marketing materials including floorplans and photography. We will also agree with you on the selling price of your property & you will receive this no matter what. Then whatever the house sells for on top of the selling price is where we make our profit.


An experienced local estate agency will offer you an individual estate agent to take over the process for you. This is a very hands off kind of process and they will do most of the heavy lifting for you. This can be advantageous in difficult sale scenarios, but also a very expensive route.


An online estate agent tends to allow you to have slightly more control over the process, as you will be encouraged to carry out your own marketing and viewings if it’s not included in your package.


With us however, you will benefit from being kept informed at every step of the process – but not actually have to do anything. We will do all the legwork for you, pay all the house selling fees, but still be able to give you the excellent service that a local estate agency can do for you. You will experience the best of both worlds.


Local experienced estate agents will have excellent local knowledge, they will work in the area and the agents may even live in the area. They will know all the quirks of the area and what makes houses sparkle in the market. They will give you accurate advice and valuations as they are able to physically visit your property – but, they may over value your property as they will want to win your business.


Online estate agents will have general knowledge of an area and use statistics online to back up data – they do not have the physical ability to evaluate houses accurately and not being able to see the condition of your property may damage your valuation in the end.


With us, we have North and South representatives that are able to value your house accurately. We use data and statistics online to boast our marketing efforts but also add the human touch as well. Our consultants are all well versed in property areas across the UK.

Success rates

If you agreed on £90,000 with an estate agent, they may be able to squeeze 1%-5% more out of the potential buyer, leaving you with upto £94,500 – but you would probably spend this extra amount on the additional house selling fees like lawyers or solicitor fees.

With an online estate agent, the fees or additional add-ons would likely come out of the £90,000 leaving you with less than the selling price.


With us however, if we agree £90,000 then you will receive £90,000 – with no fee for selling your house deducted from the selling price as we pay for everything.

How much could I save?

How much could I save?

Sale processTraditional Estate Agent (3 months+)Online Estate Agent (2 months+)The Property Selling Company (28 days)
First Advertised Price£100,000£90,000£90,000
Second Advertised Price£90,000£90,000£90,000
Sold for$94,500£85,000£90,000
Estate Agent Fees£2715£1000£0
Additional Fees£1500£2800£0
Total Amount Made£90,285£84,000£90,000

By using The Property Selling Company you could make £6,000 more than using an online estate agent. You will save on council tax and utility bills by using The Property Selling Company because we will sell your property much faster than your standard online and local estate agents.

The Property Selling Company

– if you’re ready to sell your house fast, get in touch!

Sell your house fast, effortless, free

We’ll go above and beyond to sell your house for free – it shouldn’t be difficult. We’re not your typical estate agency, with our honest and open customer service that’s absolutely effortless and free. We want to transform the way individuals sell their homes by providing a better, more simplified service outside of the traditional market.


As a property solutions leader, we will handle your difficulties in a timely manner, with honest and transparent customer care, and by utilising the entire range of our property solutions to guarantee the process is simple, you are treated fairly, and at ease.

Sell your house for free FAQs

We are an online estate agent that offers a no upfront fee – in fact a no fee at all process! Just fill out the form above and we will contact you via email or  phone to start the house selling process. This can take as little as 28 days.

To sell your house with us, we would recommend that you have any documentation relating to your property at the ready. This will speed up the selling process significantly, especially when it comes to talking to conveyancers.

The average solicitor fees for selling a house in total cost around £1700. The average cost for a conveyancer is around £1175. We cover all solicitor fees for selling a house — meaning you have more money for the important things.

One of the best ways to add value to your home is to create space or even just the illusion of space. Knocking down walls, creating extensions, changing the Feng Shui of your home design, adding wall to ceiling windows in small rooms or painting them lighter shades. You don’t need to spend a fortune to add value to your house, even just a declutter may do the job.

No – we’re even better! We will never charge you house selling fees of any shape, size, variety. We are an online estate agent that does not operate on a no sale, no fee basis. An online estate agent with a no sale, no fee deal means that as a customer you still benefit from the full service but only pay when the property is sold. We don’t work on fees – so you’ll never have to cover fees to us, instead we’ll pay them. 


The way we work is, we’ll agree a selling price with you – and whatever more the house sells for you will receive the agreed amount and we get anything leftover. Join the thousands of happy customers today.