Where We Advertise:
Advertise on Rightmove and

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Where We Advertise:
Advertise on Rightmove and

we use a variety of sites to get your house sold faster

Looking for the right estate agent can be a hassle, especially when you are not sure where to look. Selling on the open market is a daunting enough prospect without then having to worry about your house not selling.

There are many reasons a house may stick on the open market, with incorrect advertising being a major force behind failed house sales. If your house isn’t being marketed to the right audience you can wave goodbye to endless viewings, potential buyers, and most importantly to a quick sale.

But not to worry as that is where we come in. Here at The Property Selling Company, we are an online estate agent with a difference.

Unlike your traditional high street estate agent, we can offer a modern, more streamlined approach to house sales that cannot be rivalled.

Not only do we advertise our properties on our very own website, but we also showcase our properties by using Rightmove and Zoopla to advertise directly to buyers.

We are going to be looking at where we advertise our properties, how this sets us apart from other estate agent advert, and the benefits of Zoopla and Rightmove advert.

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Who do we advertise with?

Who do we advertise with?

When you sell with The Property Selling Company, we list your property on Rightmove and Zoopla. We advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla as by listing through a property portal we are able to reach a much wider audience and help you find the buyer you are looking for. 


Another bonus to selling your property with us is that private sellers are unable to list on Rightmove and Zoopla, meaning that selling with us gives you and all important property boost.


Almost 95% of property searches begin with an online property site, so it just makes sense to advertise with two of the most popular property portals available.


Why do we advertise on Rightmove?

We advertise your property on Rightmove as it is one of the leading UK property portals.


One of the main advantages of advertising through Rightmove is that it is not only the original property portal, but also the largest and most popular property portal available.


When you list a property for sale on Rightmove, you are putting it front and centre on the open market as Rightmove gets over 130 million visits every month and over 4 million inquiries from agents and developers. 


When you advertise on Rightmove, you stand the best chance of getting your property matched up with a buyer as the coverage on Rightmove means they can help to target the right in-market audience of would-be buyers.

Why do we advertise property on Zoopla?

Zoopla is an online property portal in the UK. With a brand awareness score of 95%, Zoopla may not be the original property website in the UK, but it still pulls in a whopping 55 million visits a month. 


Zoopla also comes with a feature that allows buyers to search for specific properties.

The filters include property type, size, location and budget are all included making it easier for serious buyers to find the property they are looking for.


The wide range of potential buyers that Zoopla can reach paired with its search feature means that you are not just advertising your property to a large variety of people, but also to people who are looking for your specific house.

This means that your house sale is less likely to fall through. 


Zoopla also has a range of partner sites such as PrimeLocation as well as the millions of users who visit the MailOnline, The Times, and The Telegraph who display Zooplas’ property search tool that is displayed on each of their websites.


Another important advantage to advertising through Zoopla is that all fees are covered by us! 

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