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Best Online Estate Agents UK

Best Estate Agents

Best Online Estate Agents UK

Who are the best online estate agents in the UK in 2022? In this post, we will cover and compare all the best online estate agents and how we differ from them all.

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How Should You Compare Online Estate Agents?

When researching which online estate agents to use in the UK, there are multiple ways you should compare different companies. One of the main attractions of using an online estate agent over the standard high street agent is that the fees are reasonably minimal.

However, the services offered under the fee can differ depending on the online agent. For a decent online estate agent, you should expect to have photography, floor plans and advertising for a basic fee.

Some estate agents (we won’t name and shame) will charge you for these essential services, and others will charge you a fee for additional assistance. These additional services may include sale progression, negotiations, viewings and local property knowledge.

Compare The Best Online Estate Agents In The UK, 2022:

  • One package available for a £0 agent base fee.
  • Package summary – Comprehensive free package includes everything generally associated with selling a property; photos, floorplans, local property expert valuations, offers & sales negotiation, viewings, and advertising.
  • 100% Sale price achieved.
  • 4.7 star Trustpilot review.
  • Four packages available with a £999-£1999 base fee.
  • Hybrid estate agents with dedicated local agents to manage viewings and offers via an online dashboard.
  • 97% Sale price achieved.
  • 4.7 star Trustpilot review.
  • One package available for 1.2% +VAT of sale price. No sale, no fee.
  • Hybrid estate agents with hundreds of local agency branches, photos, floorplans, sale boards, viewings and advertising included.
  • 98.8% Sale Price Achieved.
  • 4.8 star Trustpilot review.
  • Three packages available ranging from free to £599.
  • The comprehensive free package includes a bare minimum; extra packages include hosting and advertising.
  • 96% Sale Price Achieved.
  • 4.5 star Trustpilot review.
  • Three packages available ranging from £99 to £999.
  • Hybrid estate agents; £99 package includes a basic minimum with additional extras for a fee.
  • 100% Sale Price Achieved.
  • 4.8 star Trustpilot review.
  • Two packages available; £1199 and £1999.
  • Hybrid estate agents; One fixed fee package with viewing additional fee.
  • 97% Sale Price Achieved.
  • 4 star Trustpilot review.
  • One package available; for no base fee.
  • No selling fees, full service provided.
  • 100% Sale Price Achieved.
  • 4.1 star Trustpilot review.

What's An Online Estate Agent?

Online estate agents differ from traditional, local agents as they are run through websites and portals instead of a local shop. Some online agents offer a more basic service than conventional agents but have much lower fees. Online estate agents are categorised further:

    • Hybrid Estate Agents – Work online and employ local property agents to handle inquiries, negotiations, viewings, open days, or advice.
    • Online Only Agents – The seller will have to do some leg work themselves, from taking photos, creating marketing materials, and conducting negotiations and viewings.
    • The Property Selling Company – Offer an online-only service but will carry out all things associated with selling a home ourselves; we will even pay all your fees!

How Do Online Estate Agents Work?

The services provided by hybrid agents are similar to those of a traditional estate agent, but the benefits are pulled back slightly. Some online estate agency services are stripped back even further.


Both services will offer valuations, marketing and viewings — albeit for an additional fee. They will also provide a negotiation service and offer acceptance until the sale is complete.


The further you go through the process, the more you may encounter a higher fee than the basic package. You will not face any fees with The Property Selling Company.

Online vs High Street Estate Agent Fees

Traditional local estate agents will charge you a percentage of your home’s selling price, but online agents will (mostly) charge fixed fees. Online agents are often much cheaper than traditional agents.


One downside of using an online agent over a traditional agency is that you will probably have to pay an upfront fee, regardless of whether you sell your home. This is a double-edged sword, as the agent will be less likely to sell your home for the highest price.


Some online estate agents will offer a no-sale, no-fee service, which means that you don’t have to pay until you sell your property, reducing the risk of wasting your money.


The Property Selling Company doesn’t ask for any fees. Instead, you will benefit from us agreeing on a sale price with you, and if the property sells for more than the agreed price, we will take our cut. We believe in transparency in everything we do.

What's The Difference Between Online And High Street Estate Agents?

Online Estate AgentsTraditional Estate AgentsThe Property Selling Company
Will offer an upfront fixed fee, no sale, no fee, or cover the costs themselves.Will ask for a percentage of the sale price.Will not ask for an upfront fee or percentage of the sale price.
Can communicate with you 24/7, and contact is accessible via email and telephone.Most local estate agents will work 9am - 5pm and cannot contact you after work.Can communicate with you 24/7 and always available to talk via email and phone.
The packages can be tailored to your specific requirements, and you can track the progress.Most don't have a progress dashboard, but the packages can be tailored to your situation.We can tailor the timescales and situations to your life and how fast/slow you want to sell your house.
There is no contract period with most online agents, meaning you could use other estate agents simultaneously.Traditional estate agents ask for a contract period where you are exclusive to them for about a month.We ask for a 28 days exclusivity period, but we are confident we will be able to sell your property in that timeframe. If not, then you can exit the contract fee-free.
Some online agents need to gain local knowledge, even if they have regional reps.Most traditional estate agents will manage and negotiate between buyers and sellers, saving you time and energy.We can use our regional reps, existing property knowledge and market trend analysation to provide the best local knowledge possible.
Some online agents will not offer to negotiate or act as a middleman between selling parties.Traditional estate agents will manage and negotiate between buyers and sellers, saving you time and energy.Our excellent property experts will handle all your negotiations, offers and completion - creating a hassle-free experience for you.
The majority of the time, you will need to conduct viewings yourself.You do not need to conduct viewings yourself; real estate agents have years of training.Our property experts will handle all the marketing, advertising, and viewings, so you don't have to.
Due to the fees imposed by the agency, they will be less likely to push for the highest possible selling price.Traditional estate agents can wiggle the selling price for the property more than online estate agents.Whatever sale price we agree with is the money you will receive directly from your bank.