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Selling a House Without Fensa Certificate: Do I Need One?

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Selling a House Without Fensa Certificate: Do I Need One?

Looking at whether you need a fensa certificate to sell your property, whether you need a FENSA certificate for windows, and the answers you need to find out how to obtain one.

Alexandra Ventress

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Selling your home is undoubtedly a stressful experience. It can be time-consuming organising your property, choosing your estate agent, and organising your estate, without discovering you are missing vital paperwork that both your solicitor and buyer will need to see. 


One such document that you may have misplaced is your FENSA certificate, which can make selling a lot more difficult than you may have originally anticipated, adding extra hoops for you to jump through with your sale. If you are selling your property and wondering if you need a FENSA replacement certificate, then read on. 


In this blog post we will be looking at whether you need FENSA certificate selling house, FENSA certificate meaning, and how no FENSA certificate selling house. 

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Is it worth getting a FENSA certificate?

Yes, it is. Besides being a legal requirement, there are plenty of reasons why you should have a FENSA replacement certificate. It works as a declaration and it proves to the homeowner that the company that installed the windows or doors: 



It also verifies that your warranty is insured and is essential when it comes to selling a property. 


FENSA certificate requirements prove that building regulations have been complied with. It is worth getting FENSA certification in order to stay on the right side of the law when selling your property. 

How long do they last? 

A FENSA certification will last as long as the doors and windows that they cover do. The document is used for the property, not the person who had the doors or windows installed. 

What is FENSA? 

FENSA is a government scheme that is responsible for monitoring BUILDING Regulations compliance for replacement windows and doors in England and Wales. 


When FENSA was set up, it was the government’s first competent person scheme. This means that FENSA has a register of accredited double-glazing installers who can be chosen by homeowners to replace any doors or windows with confidence. 

What does FENSA cover? 

There can be confusion over what exactly FENSA covers. You will find that replacement windows and doors as well as roof lights are covered by FENSA but they do not cover the following: 


  • Porches
  • Conservatories 
  • New Builds 
  • Window repairs 
  • Extensions 

What if I didn't receive a FENSA certificate?

If you know you used a FENSA approved installer for your window and door but have lost your documentation, you will be able to find and order your FENSA certificate online or through the post. When you order a replacement windows and doors FENSA certificate online, you will need to  include the following information: 


  • Postcode
  • House number or name 
  • The FENSA ID number (but only if you have this information) 


If you wish to order the document through the post, you will be required to send a cheque to FENSA, as well as a letter that covers the following information: 


  •  The full name of the company name and business address of the FENSA-registered company that completed the work on your property 
  • The name and address of the property owner 
  • The address and postcode where the installation happened 
  • If you decide to have the replacement certificate sent to a different address, then you will need to include this as well 

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How much does a FENSA cert cost?

If you have misplaced your FENSA certificate and wish to receive a replacement online, you can expect a fee of £25, including VAT. If you decide to send a cheque in the post, this cost will increase to £30 due to an administrative charge. 

How do I get a FENSA certificate for my windows or doors?

As we have already mentioned, you get a FENSA certification when you get replacement windows or doors installed. This document will typically take around 2-4 weeks to be issued. If you have had windows and doors installed by a non-FENSA installation company, then it can take you up to 2 months to get a certificate from your local authorities’ Building Control department. 

Is FENSA mandatory?

From 1st April 2002, any windows that have been replaced by a professional are strictly required to have a FENSA certificate in order to demonstrate that the work has been done to meet the relevant standards, or you will be able to show this using a building regulations certificate. 


Regardless of the certificate that you have in your possession, it is illegal to have double glazing installed in your home without having either a FENSA certificate or a building regulations certificate in place. 

What if I don't have FENSA certification? 

If you want to put your home on the market but do not have a certificate, then do not worry, there are other routes available to you! One option is to apply to your local authority for a “Retrospective Building Regulation Compliance Certificate”. However, this procedure will usually cost between £300-£400 and may take some time. During this process, your local authority will go through the database detailing the work done in the area. 


You may also be able to take out double glazing building regulations indemnity insurance, but the work must have been completed more than a year ago. If this is an avenue that you wish to explore, you should make sure that it covers any costs you may owe if the installation does not meet the necessary requirements. 


Alternatively, you can have a building control officer come to the property. They will be able to inspect the property and come to a conclusion on whether the doors and windows meet the standard requirements. If they do then the building officer will be able to issue your property with a certificate that will prove compliance. however, this service will come with a charge that is subject depending on your local authority.

Can I sell a house without a FENSA certificate?

You may be wondering, ‘Do I need a FENSA certificate to sell my house?’ The answer is yes. Whilst you may not require FENSA certification, some kind of certification will be required in order to clarify that the building work meets the necessary standards. 


If you find that you have no FENSA certificate for windows or doors on your property, then you do have options to remedy the lack of certification. You can obtain a replacement issued directly by FENSA, take out indemnity insurance, or Retrospective Building Regulation Compliance Certificate. 


It can be incredibly difficult to sell a property without a FENSA certificate. This is because many lenders will be willing to borrow against a property where the necessary documentation is not present. Lenders can be concerned by the risk that the property may not comply with building regulations. They may also be concerned that this could make the property impossible to sell should the buyer default on their mortgage. 

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