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Jordan Vaughan

buying consultant


I’ve been in property a fair few years now & I’m one of the longest serving Consultants at the company. I’ve been a part of it since we were in a small office and a small team based in Roundhay and I’ve loved seeing it grow from strength to strength and I really feel like I’ve been a crucial part of that.

I actually started at the age of 18, working primarily in Property Development, which was a great place to learn the basics. I then eventually went into a more traditional property role of sales & letting at an estate agent. Then over the years found myself at The Property Buying Company before making the switch over to The Property Selling Company, so you could say I’ve got experience in pretty much everything property related!

As a buying consultant, it is my role to be on the phone talking to vendors and potential buyers to find the perfect route to market and sell your property. I am always available to contact and will answer any questions you may have along the way.

I’d have to say I’m a pretty vibrant person, which I hope comes across in our conversations! Aside from that, I often get told I’m easy to get on with and of course, based on my experience across the property industry, I’ve got a fair amount of knowledge that you may find useful.

I’ve also got to say it was when, for two years in a row, was awarded Employee’s employee of the year. There’s nothing better than your fellow colleagues recognising your hard work & dedication.

I’ve actually got to say the transition from a traditional estate agents to working in a company like this was pretty tricky to get my head around.


As we streamline the service, companies such as ours work in a completely different way, and learning the ropes was pretty challenging.

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