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Jessica Procter

sales team manager


I have been at the company for quite some time now (too long to remember).



I originally started off as the admin girl and have since progressed up to the team leader. There is never a dull moment when I am around, I am known for my ‘blonde moments’ and making up my own catchphrase there is a whole list of them!


If we ever get the pleasure of speaking, I would be more than happy to share them with you for a quick laugh!

I’ve been in property for around 6 and a half years, starting off in the rental sector which was a role that predominately dealt with housing benefit tenants – which came with a lot of interesting stories and I actually also ended up on TV in a programme called Britain’s Benefit Tenants.


Sadly after my TV career didn’t go as planned, I made the move to The Property Selling Company and I’ve stayed here ever since!

My role is to keep the rowdy bunch in check! Scott & Jordan that is. I’m the Team Manager, so I’m tasked with overlooking the whole team and keeping track of everything we’re buying & selling at any given time, so if you’ve been dealing with us and you haven’t spoke to me, chances are I’m familiar with your property or property of interest anyway! 

I’m an outgoing and bubbly person, so I tend to always try and make my customers laugh and feel very welcomed. I’ve always got time for a good chat and to find out all the gossip (if there is any) as to why they are selling! I always try and think outside of the box and try to help in any way I can, and most importantly with a smile on my face.

My proudest moment of the role would be becoming manager of the department! I’ve worked my way up within the company and finally managed to get in this fantastic position.

My most challenging moment would have to be when I had to keep quiet for a whole day at work!

I got entered into a sponsored silence for charity and it was a lot harder than you think!

(If you have spoken to me on the phone, you’ll understand why!)

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