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I cant sell my house & why is selling a home so stressful?

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I cant sell my house & why is selling a home so stressful?

Looking at the reasons why you cant sell your house, the steps you can take to help sell quicker, and how we can help.  

Alexandra Ventress

Alexandra Ventress ★ Digital Content Writer

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It is an undisputed fact that one of the most stressful situations a person will go through is selling their home and moving out. Finding an estate agent, arranging viewings, and preparing your property before photographs and viewings can all add to the stress sellers feel whilst selling. But if you are struggling to find a buyer on the open market, the stress that homeowners can feel can increase ten-fold.  


If you have found yourself wondering ‘why I cant sell my house’ then read on. In this blog post, we are looking at why homeowners cant sell home, what to do if you can’t sell your home and why selling doesn’t always have to be so stressful. 


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Why is selling a house so stressful?

A house is the most expensive asset that many of us own, so the process of selling it is bound to be a cause of stress. The uncertainty it can bring is one of the main causes of the stress when it comes to selling, as well as the amount of time it can take to sell. You can spend months looking for a buyer on the open market, only to eventually find one and have the sale collapse at the last minute leaving you right back where you started. With all of these balls in the air, it is easy to see why selling a house is regularly polled as one of the most stressful life experiences people go through. 


In order to help alleviate some of the stress, there are steps that you can take: 

The process can be brought with uncertainty and stress, so expect to be on the market a while. This way you will avoid stress and disappointment if you do not sell within two months. 

If you read up on the selling process you will have a better idea about what to expect as you are going through it. It will help make the process smother and may alleviate some worries you may have.

With so many estate agents out there, it is important to choose one with experience and knowledge who is able to do what they say. You should read reviews, compare quotes and shop around before settling on the agency you will sell with.

It can be difficult to sell exactly when you need to. So be sure to leave yourself enough time between buying and selling to meet the dates you wish to. 

Why is my house not selling UK?

Selling a house can be difficult and can often take longer than we originally anticipated.  If you have found yourself waiting on the open market for some time and are wondering why i can t sell my house, then read on as we explore some of the reasons why your house is not selling: 


One of the reasons why your house may not be selling is because it feels cluttered. Buyers like to be able to imagine themselves living in your property, so it is important to take the necessary steps to help them feel at home in the property. Decluttering does not just mean hiding trinkets and clearing surfaces, it also means you will need to put things away properly. You should sort through items and leave out what is absolutely necessary, and put the rest into storage. 


Showroom homes are often clean, tidy, and clutter-free in order to really help the buyer envision their life there, so it is important that you do the same. Before any viewings or photographs, you need to remove any clutter or personal items that may distract from the room. This can include: 


  • Family photos
  • Children’s artwork
  • Collectible items
  • Trophies and certificates
  • Holiday souvenirs 


Removing any clutter that you may have in your property will not only help your buyers to imagine themselves living there, but it will also help rooms appear bigger and will make your property look a lot more attractive. 

Kerb Appeal

If you are struggling to sell your house, then your problem may lie closer to home than you think. You may have heard the saying ‘first impressions matter’ and this is certainly the case when it comes to house sales. According to a survey done by Home Owners Alliance, more than 68% of homeowners said that kerb appeal was a key factor in their choice of home. 


In order to give the best first impression of your home, you should make sure that the lawn is mowed, there is no clutter left on the lawn, any bins are out of sight, and clean your doors and windows. 

Incorrect pricing 

You may be stuck on the open market because of your asking price.  If your asking price is too high or too low for your property then you may find that you get little to no interested buyers. In order to make sure that your asking price is correct, you should combine any online research with the valuations of at least 3 local estate agents. 


Some estate agents have been known to overvalue a property as a way of winning custom, only to have sellers stuck unable to sell. On the other hand, estate agents have also been known to undervalue a property in order to achieve a quick sale. 


In the golden age of the internet, you will find that the majority of house purchasing is done online, via property portals. This means if your photographs don’t do your home justice, you may find yourself on the open market for months waiting for a buyer. 


It is up to you to make your home look its best. As we have already mentioned you should deep clean, declutter and stage your home to make sure it is painted in the best light possible. Furthermore, you should be sure to check that the photographs that your agent provides you with are up to scratch. You are paying for the service so you should ask to approve any pictures before they are posted on online property portals. 

Estate agent 

It may be a case that your estate agent is not pulling their weight when it comes to selling your home. If you feel as though your agent is not doing enough to market and sell your property, you should reach out and ask them what else they could be doing to reach potential buyers. It is important to keep in regular touch with your estate agent in order to ensure that you are in the loop about the sales process. If you are still unsure about the level of work they are putting into your sale, you could ask a friend or family member to pose as an interested buyer to gauge the level of service that they get. 


If you feel as though you are not being listened to or you have simply lost faith with your current estate agents, then you can give notice to end your contract with them and move on to a new agent. 


Another reason why you may be struggling to sell your property is because it is looking tired. If your home looks like it has seen better days then it may be time to break out your toolbox and painting set. Small wear and tear jobs that can be easily fixed should be at the top of your list, such as broken tiles, mould build-ups, and dodgy lightbulbs. By fixing these small issues in your home you are helping to get your property across in the best possible light. Every time a potential buyer sees an area that needs fixing in your home, they will either take money off their asking price or it will put them off your property. 


If your property is looking tired, a great way to give it a facelift without breaking the bank is using a fresh coat of paint. This will help brighten the room whilst keeping it looking smart and fresh. 


You may also want to consider staging your property when you have viewings or photographs taken. According to research from, a home that has been staged will sell three times faster than a house that has not been staged. The same research also revealed that 70% of estate agents stated that staging your home can help to increase the offer value on a house by up to 10%.


For more advice on how to stage your home, check out our guide here

How long does it take to sell? 

How long it takes to sell a house is not a one-size-fits-all kind of question. Each house is different and exactly how long it will take to sell will depend upon a variety of factors such as demand, location, price, size and market conditions. However, in the UK you can expect to sell your house on average in two or three months although this figure is subject to change. 


Not knowing how long it will take to sell your house can add to the stress of the situation. To avoid unnecessary stress you should try and set realistic expectations for your house sale and prepare to sell in the latter half of this figure. 

How many viewings does it take to sell a house? 

Exactly how many viewings it takes to sell a property can vary from property to property, however, you can on average expect between 10 to 15 viewings before you receive an offer. However, this is a ballpark average and can change dramatically per person. You may have a property that requires far fewer viewings or you may have a property that attracts far more viewings. It can all depend upon the following factors: 


  • advertisement 
  • local market conditions 
  • demand 
  • price 
  • size
  • location 
  • condition 

I bought a house but can t sell mine

If you have bought new house can t sell old house, then you have a few options to help you get the ball rolling. You could sell your house to a cash house buyer, sell it through an auction or you could swap agents.  


Selling through a cash buyer would ensure the sale of your property in as little as 7 days (depending on who you sold to). However, for the security and the speed of the sale, you would not receive full market value for your property. 


Another option you may wish to explore if you have bought a house but cannot sell your current property is to sell to a house auction. House auctions are a popular choice as they tend to attract serious buyers only. This is because once the gavel falls, all winning bids become legally binding. However, selling at auction is not without cost and often involves a lot of waiting which is not ideal if you want to sell your current property quickly in order to move house. 


You may also want to consider the option of swapping your current estate agent. Uf the estate agent that you are selling with currently is not pulling your weight, then you could put your notice in to end the contract with them. There are plenty of local and online estate agents available so it may be worth taking your custom elsewhere in order to sell. 

Why would a property not sell?

When it is time to sell your house, the last thing you want is to be struggling to find a buyer. There are many reasons why a property may not be selling, and below we take a closer look at some of the reasons why you may not be able to find a buyer: 

When purchasing a property, the last thing that potential buyers will want to deal with are unresolved issues surrounding boundaries or the title deed. Issues surrounding ownership and boundaries can be costly and risky for new buyers, so you may find that this turns many away. 


You must resolve any issues surrounding title deeds or boundaries before you put your home on the market. You should seek advice from legal professionals in order to determine what the situation is as well as what you will be able to do to remedy it. 

Whilst it may not seem like a big deal, an undesirable layout can have an effect on the ability to sell your house. Buyers are often looking for properties that suit their specific needs and if a house does not meet that then they will look elsewhere. If the layout of your home is outdated or unsuitable for most, then you may find that you will struggle on the open market. 


If you wish to correct this, you could consider remodelling or renovating part of your property. You should always consult a professional in order to make sure you are making the correct changes to your property. 

Another reason why your house may not be selling is due to any ongoing legal disputes to do with the property. This can include title disputes, encroachments or undisclosed easements. These issues can make buyers incredibly wary due to the hassle and risks that they bring.   


Before you put your property up for sale, you should remedy any legal issues to do with the property that may be simmering in the background. 

Whilst they may not be top of your list when you think about factors that may make it difficult to sell your property, environmental issues can have a knock-on effect when it comes to selling your home. Such factors can include proximity to flood zones, contaminated sites, or previous mining sites. They are a cause for concern for potential buyers because they can bring complications with any insurance that buyers may wish to take out on their property, health issues, and other liabilities. 


By having the correct surveys performed and taking steps to correct any issues, you may be able to by step the hassle that selling with environmental factors can bring. 

No doubt you will be familiar with the age-old mantra repeated by estate agents up and down the country: location, location, location! If your location is in a less desirable area then you may find that you are on the open market for longer than you originally anticipated. This can be close proximity to busy roads, difficulty accessing local amenities, poor travel links or a high crime area. 


If this is the case for you, you should highlight the positives of the property. Look at what sets it apart. Are there good green spaces nearby? Are there good schools in the area? Or maybe there’s an exciting new development set to take place nearby? 

If your property is in poor condition, then you may feel your sale is affected negatively. Dampness, subsidence, and mould can all negatively impact a sale and can leave you struggling to find a buyer. If you wish to increase your saleability, you will need to address the root of the issue. Whilst this may cost you, you may be saving yourself money in the long run. 

Why would a property not sell?

Yes, you can! Whilst a poor condition may make it slightly harder to sell your property, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done! You should always be upfront with buyers if there are issues with your home. Whilst it might impact the time it takes to sell, you will be saving yourself hassle in the long run. 


If your home has problems, then you will be legally obligated to disclose this and answer any questions surrounding the issue on the Property Information Form (TA6). This form is not mandatory, however many conveyancing solicitors will insist on it as a part of the selling process. This is because it keeps the process simple and a refusal to fill it out will be a red flag for any buyers. 


A TA6 form includes questions about all aspects of the property, including its construction, boundaries, environmental issues, planning issues, structural issues, and many other potential problems. 


Failing to answer the questions honestly, either deliberately or through failing to disclose information, can result in a claim for misrepresentation. Questions about the property are also not limited to a TA6 property information form. Should you mislead buyers, fail to disclose information, or attempt to hide physical problems, then you may also find yourself facing a misrepresentation claim. 

What to do if you cannot sell your house?

If your property is not selling on the open market, then fear not, there are choices you can make to help get sold quicker. If you are struggling to sell, then you may want to consider the following: 


  • You may wish to sell through a sell house fast company. A cash house buying company is a person or company that can afford to buy your house without needing a loan or mortgage. They will be able to provide you with a secure and fast sale, however, in return they will not offer you full market value. You should also take steps to ensure that they are registered with a regulatory board such as NAPB or The Property Ombudsman.
  • You may want to consider selling your home at a property auction. Selling at auction is a route often favoured by slightly more unusual properties however they are generally a more secure way to sell, due to the fact that all winning bids are legally binding. The downside to selling through an auction though it is not without cost and often involves a lot of waiting. 
  • Alternatively, you can always switch agents if you feel as though your current estate agent is not pulling their weight. You should look at reviews, quotes, and average sale time in order to properly weigh up your choices. 
  • The state of your property could be what is keeping you on the open market. You may want to consider doing any repairs around your house in order to help sell quicker. Whilst they may seem small, repairs can make a world of difference to your home and can help you sell quicker.  Another route you may wish to explore when it comes to the state of your home is staging. By staging your home for viewings and photographs, you may be able to help draw in potential buyers. 
  • Or, you may want to sell through us! Here at The Property Selling Company, we believe that selling a house should be three things: fast, effortless, and free. We can help you sell in as little as 28 days without any extra cost to yourself. 


But it doesn’t have to be. When you sell with The Property Selling Company, we take the hassle out of selling. This is why we have made it our mission to change the way that you sell your house.  


Our dedicated team of property experts are by your side through every step of your house-selling journey, helping you to sell your new build in as little as 28 days. 


So if you are ready to sell your house, get in touch today by filling out one of our free, no-obligation online valuation forms today!