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Living in Huddersfield

the UK’s eleventh-biggest city

About Huddersfield

Huddersfield is a town in West Yorkshire, England, with a rich and varied history. It has seen centuries of development and change, resulting in a unique blend of traditional and modern town life. From its quaint cobbled streets to the vibrant commercial and cultural centre that it is today, Huddersfield has something for everyone. 


Whether you are looking for houses in Huddersfield, properties for sale in Huddersfield, estate agents in Huddersfield, property auctions in Huddersfield or cheap homes for sale in Huddersfield – there is something here to suit all tastes and budgets. Explore the area and discover why so many people choose to make their home in this historic town!

Best areas to live in Huddersfield

Huddersfield is the perfect destination for a day trip or weekend getaway! There are plenty of things to do in Huddersfield, such as visiting the town centre and exploring its many neighbourhoods. Take a stroll and browse the shops, cafes and local markets.


If you’re looking for something more adventurous, plenty of outdoor activities are available too. You can also experience some of the best local restaurants and pubs serving delicious regional dishes. There are many excellent schools and parks to explore in Huddersfield for families with children. Whether looking for a fun day out or a relaxing weekend away, Huddersfield will have something to suit everyone’s tastes.


Over the past year, the overall average price of houses sold was £204,351. The most sold property type was terraced properties at £152,110—semi-detached properties sold for an average of £202,992 and £374,164 for detached properties.

Lindley is a town two miles from the centre of Huddersfield. Huddersfield’s main hospital and Huddersfield New College are in Lindley, and the area is enclosed by Halifax Road, the M62 and New Hey Road — making the town a brilliant commuter town for Manchester and Leeds.


The town is a mix of beautifully aged Victorian terraces, post-war houses and new developments. There are currently more new build developments being planned for the area, making Lindley an attractive place for first-time buyers. There are numerous independent shops, bars and restaurants in Lindley.


The average house price in Lindley is £238,986, and the most sold property type was semi-detached properties selling at £224,447. Terraced properties sold for an average of £184,876, and detached properties sold for £403,911.

Honley is a village in the Southern Pennines and is 4.2 miles away from Huddersfield. The town has celebrated restaurants and a young atmosphere but welcomes people of all ages. Honley is excellent if you’re looking to bring up a family, as it has rolling moors, riverside strolls and historical walks and cycle rides. 


Honley describes itself as a genuinely historic village with cobbled streets, weaver’s cottages and ancient wells. The town is a beautiful mix of 1800’s terraced houses, old textile mills and new builds.


Over the past 12 months, the average house price was £280,848, with the most sold property type being terraced homes selling for £222,324—detached properties sold on average for £432,500 and semi-detached houses sold for £255,944.

Holmfirth is a town 6 miles from Huddersfield and is famous for its location on the TV show Last of the Summer Wine. The town is concentrated with independent shops, restaurants, galleries and vibrant events. Around the town, there are also many walks and strolls that you can do with the kids or dog. 


Holmfirth, along with many other towns surrounding Huddersfield, comprises Victorian terraced housing, renovated mills, derelict mills, and new housing developments. The majority of homes in Holmfirth are made with Yorkshire stone. 


Holmfirth’s average house price over the last 12 months was £296,691, with the most sold house type being terraced houses selling at £204,540. Detached properties sold for an average price of £466,878, with semi-detached houses sold for £281,301.

Are house prices falling in Huddersfield?

Currently, house prices in Huddersfield show signs of the market slowing, but there has not been a fall in prices yet. Over the past 12 months, the property market in Huddersfield rose by 1.9%, which shows a slight increase. 

Is it worth buying a property in Huddersfield?

Huddersfield has many property opportunities that make it worth buying a property for Buy-to-Lets, house flipping or personal living. The area has a lower average house price than larger cities like Leeds or Manchester, has a large student population and is set to increase dramatically over the coming years.

Safest places to live in Huddersfield

Huddersfield has been rated one of the safest towns in West Yorkshire, having a crime rate 7% lower than the average of the rest of West Yorkshire.

Kirkburton is a village 5 miles southeast of Huddersfield and is part of the Kirklees township, combining Highburton, Kirkburton and some smaller hamlets. The village has a population of around 4300 people. Kirkburton has been voted one of the top 30 safest villages in the United Kingdom.


The village was a hub of woollen cloth manufacturing during the late 17th century, with many textile mills and terraced homes built to house workers. These terraced homes still exist today alongside the renovated mills. 


The average sold price of Kirkburton over the last year has been £291,474, with the most sold property type being detached properties selling at £409,217. Semi-detached houses sold for an average of £257,073, and terraced properties sold for £212,322.

Scissett is a village 8 miles southeast of Huddersfield and has a population of over 1300. The village is of industrial revolution heritage but is surrounded by miles of beautiful agricultural land and countryside. According to the West Yorkshire Police database, the crime rate of Scissett is 98.88% lower than that of Huddersfield as of November 2022. 


The beautiful industrial buildings that line the streets of Scissett once produced woollen cloth but now have a variety of materials like wrought iron, carpets, fireplaces, t-shirts and more. The mill owners initially built many of the homes in Scissett for the workers of the Nortonthorpe Mills. 


The average sold house price over the last year for Scissett was £318,835, with the vast majority of house sales being detached houses at £363,948. Semi-detached houses sold for £233,636, and terraced properties sold for £194,375.

Clayton West is a Kirklees village located 9 miles southeast of Huddersfield in the Dearne Valley. According to the West Yorkshire Police database, the crime rate of Clayton West is 98.17% lower than the crime rate of Huddersfield as of November 2022.


Clayton West is located very close to Scissett, and the ties with the town go back centuries. Mining has always been a massive part of the village’s existence, and during the industrial revolution, the village was connected to Huddersfield with a railway line — which you can still visit today.


According to Rightmove, the overall sold house price average in Clayton West over the last 12 months was £278,839. The most sold type of property was detached houses selling for £343,741. Terraced properties sold for an average of £187,615, and semi-detached houses sold for £215,145, respectively.

Is living in Huddersfield worth it?

Yes, living in Huddersfield is worth it. The town has a vibrant history, being a centre of mining, woollen cloth production and trade throughout the Industrial Revolution. But it also has a budding and stunning future, being both a student hotspot and a town of culture and diversity.


If you live in Huddersfield, you will benefit from being 30 minutes away from Leeds and Manchester by train and surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Up and coming areas of Huddersfield

Huddersfield has one of the fastest-growing populations in the United Kingdom, with a vast wealth of diversity. Many areas of Huddersfield can be seen as significant for Buy-to-let or student accommodation renovations due to Huddersfield’s industrial past.


One of the more persuading reasons for Huddersfield’s growth is its attractiveness as a university town, as it currently has around 20,000 students across two campuses. The city’s nightlife is booming and has negatively affected surrounding towns and businesses. Here are a few of the best Up and Coming areas of Huddersfield:

Moldgreen is about one mile east of Huddersfield town centre and is a hub of property opportunity. Mill owners used the area for woollen cotton production during the industrial revolution, which explains the number of beautiful mills that line the streets of Moldgreen. 


Moldgreen also houses Ravensknowle Park, the home of the Tolson museum — the museum of Huddersfield, a Victorian mansion pre-world war I. In Moldgreen, you can also find many convenience stores, a post office, a few pubs and places of worship. 


The average house price in Moldgreen over the past 12 months was £152,728, with the most sold property type being detached at £121,795. Semi-detached houses sold for an average of £186,615, and detached homes sold for £244,694.

Springwood is just west of Huddersfield town centre via the ring road and is home to an area of Victorian terraced houses under conservation. An iconic feature of Springwood is the twin air vents of the Springwood Railway Tunnel, which passes beneath. 


Springwood has a mix of commercial and residential properties, primarily focusing on keeping the original Victorian houses protected. In Springwood, you can find takeaways, pubs, nursery and junior schools, a leisure centre and many places of worship. 


Over the past 12 months, Springwood’s overall house price was £146,592. With terraced properties selling for an average price of £135,770, flats selling for an average of £150,581 and semi-detached properties selling for £110,000.

Newsome is a village about one mile south of Huddersfield via the King’s Bridge and Newsome Road. It is home to Newsome Mill, whose distinctive clock tower can be seen across Huddersfield. There are plans to renovate the mill, which was severely damaged during a fire in 2016. 


Newsome has a large variety of village shops and takeaways, cafes, pubs, schools, chemists, places of worship and a post office. The village is about 15 minutes drive from the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. 


The overall sold house price over the past 12 months was £140,621, with terraced properties selling the most at £121,831—semi-detached properties sold for an average of £180,100 and flats sold for £78,992.

Should you invest in the Huddersfield housing market?

The current housing market in Huddersfield is a tremendous overall property investment. Property prices in Huddersfield are currently 30.74% lower than the overall UK average of £296,000. The Huddersfield average sold house price is also 18.59% lower than the neighbouring city of Leeds.


If you live in Huddersfield, you will benefit from being 30 minutes away from Leeds and Manchester by train and surrounded by beautiful countryside.

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