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Living in Doncaster

the UK’s horse racing city

About Doncaster

Whether you are thinking of selling or buying, Doncaster should be on your list of potential cities to move to. Doncaster is a city in Yorkshire that only won city status in November 2022. Named after the River Don that runs through the area, Doncaster is a historic town with routes all the way from the Roman occupation of Britain. The city is well located, with connections and roads to most towns in Yorkshire, like Sheffield, Leeds, York, Hull and Lincoln.


Whether you are looking for houses in Doncaster, estate agents in Doncaster, property auctions in Doncaster or cheap homes for sale in Doncaster – there is something here to suit all budgets and tastes. There are many great areas of Doncaster to either buy property or raise a family, like Tickhill, Armthorpe, Rossington, Bessacarr and Sprotbrough. Explore the city and discover why so many people choose to make their home in this historic town!

Best areas to live in Doncaster

Doncaster is the second largest city in South Yorkshire, with its population significantly increasing during the industrial revolution due to coal mining. In the 1960s and 70s, the closure of coal mining facilities caused some economic difficulties. Still, the city endured and has become a leading district for advanced manufacturing, rail, engineering and aviation industries. 


Young professionals, families and students are all attracted to Doncaster as a cutting-edge city to live and work within. There are plenty of opportunities and activities to participate in, regardless of age. The city is also home to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, one of the best wildlife conservation and rehabilitation facilities in the United Kingdom. 


The average house price in Doncaster over the past 12 months is £256,167, with semi-detached properties selling for an average price of £264,071. Terraced properties sold for an average price of £212,446, and flats sold for £151,649. Below are some of the best places to live in Doncaster:

Bessacarr is a suburb on the southeastern edge of Doncaster, which mainly consists of mid-century housing and some of the most expensive properties in the entirety of Doncaster. Most of Bessacarr is known as West Bessacarr by the locals after the housing developments in the area. Which were made during the early 1930s and the 1960s and 70s. There are also some newer properties. 


The area is well stocked with local amenities such as a surgery, vets, pharmacy, supermarket, bakery, barbers and takeaways. There is also a pub, church and primary school. Bessacarr is a network of tree-lined streets with gated driveways and large detached houses. 


Bessacarr has an average house price over the last year of £231,814, with detached properties selling the most at £335,150. Semi-detached properties sold in the middle for £195,771, with terraced properties fetching £152,354.

Sprotbrough is an affluent village three miles west of Doncaster city centre and is a lovely village of farmhouses, mid-century semi-detached homes, and new buildings. The area is surrounded by beautiful marshland and canals, with rolling fields and plenty of outdoor space.


Sprotbrough has had an overall average price of £174,986, with most sales during the last year being semi-detached properties at £154,654. Terraced properties sold for an average of £106,055, and detached properties sold for £354,088.

Warmsworth is a village and suburb of Doncaster that is well connected to the city and Sheffield via its train line. The town was initially called Wemesford up until the 1970s, and the housing type differs from farmhouses, manor houses, mid-century buildings and new builds. 


Over the last year, the average house price in Warmsworth was £169,237, with semi-detached properties selling the most at £150,171. Terraced properties sold for an average of £135,356, and detached properties sold for £250,929.

Up-and-coming areas of Doncaster

Doncaster, or lovingly conned ‘Donny’ by the locals, has its own unitary authority, which allows it to run its own local services and elect its own mayor. This will give Doncaster greater control over local economic issues like regeneration, employment and local recessions. The area is powered by the community of people that live in it and are proud to call Donny their home.


The area will continue to grow as investors from home and abroad flock to this well-connected and long-forgotten city as a hub of opportunity and potential. Below, we have listed some of the most affordable and exciting opportunities for Buy-To-Let investments in Doncaster. New developments are planned for Doncaster, with a target for over 18,400 new homes to be built by 2035.

Hexthorpe is a suburb of Doncaster that borders Doncaster city centre and is separated by railway lines and the river. In 2019, the town was rated as one of the most deprived areas of Doncaster but has changed its position since then. With a strong sense of community spirit and has recently been rated as suitable for a worthwhile life, the average person’s happiness is above the average for South Yorkshire and the rest of the United Kingdom. 


The average sold house price in Hexthorpe over the last year was £95,869, with the majority of sales in Hexthorpe being terraced properties selling for an average of £80,307. Semi-detached houses sold on average for £140,438, and flats sold for £67,500.

Wheatley, or Wheatley Hills, is a suburb of Doncaster and is about 2 miles northeast of Doncaster city centre. Surprisingly, Wheatley means Wheat fields in old English, where its name originates. In the 1930s, the first homes were built in Wheatley Hills and continued to grow until the 1950s. There are still plenty of opportunities for property investment, however, as the area attracts young and old looking to rent.


The average sold house price in Wheatley over the last year was £153,421, with the majority of sales in Wheatley being semi-detached houses selling for £158,113. Terraced properties sold on average for £124,901, and detached homes sold for £222,429.

Edlington, or Edlo by the locals, is a town on the southwestern side of Doncaster and has been settled since the Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Periods. The area is split into Old Edlington and New Edlington (built between 1909 and 1922). 


Over the past year, Edlington has had an average sold price of £104,763. The majority of sales in Edlington have been terraced houses selling at £77,279. Semi-detached houses sold on average for £122,882, and detached properties sold for £182,125.

Is it worth buying a property in Doncaster?

Yes, it is worth buying a property in Doncaster as the house prices are highly affordable, sitting on average at £175,872, compared to the UK’s average house price of £294,559. The area is full of potential, be it through employment opportunities, schools, or sports. The city is best known for its role in horse racing. There is plenty to do in Doncaster, from Yorkshire Wildlife Park to Halls and Gardens to Castles and Museums.

Are house prices falling in Doncaster?

House prices over the last year have stayed steady in Doncaster, especially compared to the previous year. But they are up 9% from the peak of 2020; Doncaster is already pretty affordable, so the probability of house prices falling dramatically is quite slim, especially when predictions for massive growth are considered.

Safest places to live in Doncaster

There’s no hiding that Doncaster has been rated one of the unsafest places to live in Yorkshire, but according to locals, this refers to the town centre and not the neighbouring villages around it. Many people find Doncaster a pleasant, inspiring and wonderful place to live, evident in many communities you will find in Doncaster.


Below you will find a few of the safest or most community-spirited areas of Doncaster.


Cantley is a village adjacent to Bessacarr (noted in the ‘best places to live’); it was mostly built after the second world war, with many of its houses opting for a 1950s semi-detached or terraced appearance. There are plenty of lush housing estates, some council estates and large open green spaces for its residents to enjoy in the sunshine.


Cantley has plenty of amenities, making it an independent village outside of Doncaster, like shops, takeaways, health centres, a wealth of schools, and petrol stations. Cantley is easily recognisable across Doncaster’s landscape, as it has two water tower landmarks. According to Doncaster Crime and Safety Statistics, the amount of reported crimes in Doncaster city centre in November 2022 is over seven times higher than that of Cantley. 


The overall sold house price in Cantley over the last year was £228,000, with the majority of sales being semi-detached housing at £181,119. Detached properties sold on average for £336,231, and terraced properties sold for £142,725.

Cusworth is a suburb of Doncaster, 2 miles northwest of the city centre. The original village was made around Cusworth Hall, an 18th-century country manor owned by Sir Christopher Wray, who was once the Speaker of the House of Commons in 1669. The village is now a wealthy and affluent commuter to Doncaster and surrounding cities. 


According to CrimeRate.co.uk, Cusworth is one of the safest small towns in South Yorkshire and has a 39% lower crime rate than the Yorkshire and Humber regional rate. Even better, this is 23% lower than the rest of the United Kingdom’s crime rate. 


The overall sold house price in Cusworth over the last year was £199,825, with the majority of sales being semi-detached properties, selling for an average of £191,321. Detached properties sold on average for £232,800, and terraced properties sold for £137,000.

Bawtry is a market town within the city of Doncaster and is on the border of Nottingham and Lincolnshire. Historically, the town was a port town as it sits on the River Idle and is on the edge of the Great North Road and Great Northern Railway. William Bradford, the leader of the Pilgrims who settled the first Plymouth colony, was from Bawtry. 


Nowadays, the town is home to many fantastic independent businesses, from retail to food, bars to family entertainment. The city is the perfect place to raise a family. In November 2022, 29 crimes were reported in Bawtry, which is only a fraction of the 700+ crimes reported in Doncaster city centre.


Over the past year, Bawtry has had an average house price of £322,520, with most of the sales being detached properties, trading in the middle for £383,097. Semi-detached properties sold on average for £197,938, with terraced properties selling for £372,500. House prices in the area are up 28% from the previous year.

Are house prices falling in Doncaster?

Although Doncaster currently has a high crime rate, the area has undergone excellent regeneration over the years. Most industrial land, once predominantly for mining, has now been turned into beautiful green spaces full of wildlife and flowers. The city has affordable housing with excellent schools, healthcare and employment opportunities. 


The local economy is worth £5.2 billion and supports 9,670 businesses, producing over 121,000 jobs and excellent career opportunities. The average salary in Doncaster is higher than the regional average, and the cost of living is also cheaper.

Should you invest in the Doncaster housing market?

Doncaster has been rated one of Europe’s best places for property investment by the FDI European Cities and Region of the Future Competition. The city has been commended for its business push into sustainable developments and industries. The city has a strong economy based on coal mining, engineering, railways, advanced manufacturing and sciences. Meaning there are plenty of high-earning employment opportunities for potential tenants. 


Doncaster’s appeal stems from its connectivity, being one of the best-connected cities in the United Kingdom. Doncaster has its own airport, is 1 hour and 45 minutes away from London by train and is easily accessible to any Northern city by the A1, M18, M62 and M180.


The city is expected to continue to grow into the future; Doncaster’s average house prices are 59.71% below the current UK average sold house price, meaning they are highly affordable.

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