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Living in Chester

the UK’s Ancient Roman city

About Chester

Whether you are thinking of selling or buying, Chester should be on your list of potential cities to move to.


Chester is a cathedral city located on the River Dee, close to England’s border with Wales. The beautiful city has over 80,000 people and is the second-largest settlement in Cheshire. Chester was created in 79AD as a Roman fort and was 20% larger than other Roman forts like London or York. Over the next 2000 years, Chester was built upon as a military and religious power along the Welsh border. 


If you are still in the decision phase of the house move phase, consider all the different avenues to selling your property in Chester. Be it through an estate agent in Chester or a property auction in Chester; there is something for all tastes and budgets.


There are many significant areas of Chester to buy a property or raise a family, like Hoole, Upton, Handbridge or Tarvin. Explore the city and discover why it has been a hub activity since 79 AD!

Is living in Chester worth it?

In 2017, Chester was rated as one of the best places to live in the UK. The city is home to so many independent shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants that you could spend weeks here and still have something new to explore. The town is lined with old post and beam homes, cobblestone streets and romantic alleyways. 


Chester is brilliantly located, almost on the Wales-England border, only a 40-minute drive to Liverpool, 1 hour from Manchester, 1 hour from Bangor and 2 hours from Sheffield. Chester has its beautiful Victorian train station, which can help get you to most cities in the UK.

Is now a good time to buy a house in Chester?

There is no time like the present! Chester has a stable local economy and a wonderful blend of beautiful old framed buildings, mid-century semis, Victorian terraces and large modern detached houses for you to choose from. There is an abundance of restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, museums and galleries for you to visit. 


The healthcare and education options available in Chester are outstanding, with a beautiful mix of English and Welsh heritage combined in one city. It’s a city that has been booming since 79 AD and has something for families, professionals, students, first-time buyers and downsizers.

Are house prices falling in Chester?

Because Chester has such a stable economy, house prices in Chester are yet to fall. According to Rightmove, there has been very little change since the peak of 2020 at £272,537. We predict that even if house prices begin to slow or even fall, they will recover in 2024.

Is it worth buying a house in Chester?

It is entirely worth buying a property in Chester for families, homeowners, and first-time buyers. The beautiful area has excellent schools, great healthcare opportunities and plenty of green space to live healthily and happily. Granted, you may expect to pay slightly more for a home in Chester, but in terms of great cities to live in, Chester is pretty up there.


For property investors and landlords, Chester is a tourist destination in the UK; its historical buildings and Chester Zoo attracts thousands of visitors every year. The city is forecasted to grow by 10% by 2035, driving the demand for new property. 


There are currently over 15,000 people employed in manufacturing, distribution, public services, financial services and high-tech in Chester. The average rental yield currently, January 2023, in Chester city centre or CH1 is 5.39% which is 0.39% higher than the UK average.

Which area of Chester is best to live in?

Chester is beautiful almost everywhere you go. The city is seen as relatively small but has a population of over 118,000 and was recently (2022) rated to be “scientifically the most beautiful city in the world” by Online Mortgage Advisors.


But Chester isn’t just a place of aesthetic importance; it is also a city of renowned and established financial institutions and employment in engineering, energy, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and creative industries. 


Chester could be a wonderful place to retire or downsize as Chester’s population currently sees an ageing demographic trend. In 2020, 26% of the people of Chester were aged between 60 and 90 plus, compared to 22.4% of the population for the rest of the UK. 


According to Rightmove, the overall house price in Chester over the last year was £276,676. With the majority of sales being semi-detached housing at £271,240. Terraced properties sold for an average of £231,712, and detached properties sold for £466,817. Overall, house prices in Chester were almost the same as at the peak of 2020. 

Hoole is an eastern suburb of Chester, which grew substantially from 1851, with a population of 177, to 1951, with a population of 9,056. The area is mainly residential, with beautiful Victorian terraced houses and mid-century semi-detached houses. You can find many guest houses, hotels, restaurants and Airbnb. 


The area is well stocked with local amenities like a Post Office and open spaces, including Alexandra Park, which comes with tennis courts, a bowling green and a children’s playing area. There is also a large area of allotments just off Canadian Avenue. 


There are many churches in Hoole, and the suburb is well connected to Chester via the A56, A41, M53 and Millennium Greenway footpath — the train station is only one mile away from Hoole.


Over the last year, Hoole has had an overall house price of £258,462, with most sales being semi-detached properties selling for an average price of £307,386. Terraced properties sold for an average of £246,378, and flats sold for £152,817. House prices have been up 3% since the peak of 2020.

Upton-by-Chester is a prominent suburb of Chester, which includes Upton and Upton Heath. The area was permanently settled by farmsteads but took off in the mid-1800s when the railway was built. The area became home to country houses and provided employment to the locals, and as the century progressed, the area began to thrive from a post-war building boom.


Upton-by-Chester has a permanent military presence as the Dale Barracks is located at Moston, only 1.5 miles away. The villages have a combined population of over 8,900, with Chester Zoo creating an excellent employment opportunity. 


There are plenty of amenities in Upton, like four primary schools and one secondary school, the Countess of Chester Hospital, several shopping areas found in the villages and surrounding areas and many pubs. There is also a Golf Club, bowling green and village hall.


Over the last year, Upton has had an overall house price of £308,157, with most properties being semi-detached, selling at £285,745. Detached properties sold for £523,018, and terraced houses sold for £207,909. House prices in Upton have been up 10% since the peak of 2019.

Handbridge is a district of Chester which saw significant expansion during the end of the Roman occupation of Britain as the settlement became too large for its walls. Originally the site was named after a quarry from which most of Chester is built, but over the next 2000 years would become a centre of English-Welsh trade, conflict and politics.


During the Victorian Era, there was a massive shift away from corn mills to hydroelectric power stations and factories. Which also led to an enormous increase in the amount of Victorian terraced housing being constructed. From the 20th century onwards, massive amounts of investment were pumped into the arena, with even John Lennon finding inspiration from the area for his song “Nowhere Man”.


Handbridge has very close ties with the area next to it, Queens Park. There are plenty of amenities in Handbridge, with a primary school, two secondary schools, two colleges, Nuffield Health, Grosvenor Hospital, a couple of shops and cafes.


Over the last year, Handbridge has had an overall house price of £318,188, with most sales being terraced properties selling for an average price of £250,614. Flats sold on average for £218,104, and detached houses sold for £708,500. House prices in Handbridge are down 10% since the peak of 2019.

What areas are up and coming in Chester?

Chester has been an area of great historical interest, with beautiful industries and a growing student population, but there are still areas yet to peak. There have been development issues in Chester over the last 100 years, which have caused the neighbourhoods to change and adapt. 


At the end of the Second World War, there was not enough affordable housing in Chester, and large areas of farmland on the outskirts of Chester were redeveloped into houses. In mid-1960, the city council bypassed the city’s centre to combat traffic congestion. 


In the late 1960s, Chester created the City Conservation Area to ensure that saving historic buildings was a priority for the council. But, this doesn’t mean that property investment is limited in Chester, there are still plenty of Victorian terraces and semi-detached houses which are in need of a renovation, house flip or a new family to move into.

Blacon is a council estate on the outskirts of Chester; it was once one of the largest council housing estates in Europe. Blacon was once all farmland but was developed into mid-century housing in the mid-1960s. 


Historically, Blacon was a farming land until the 1930s, when Blacon was home to a British Army camp during the second world war, which then turned into the council estate found today.


The area has beautiful views across the city of Chester and the Welsh hills, almost 20 miles away. Not only is Blacon close to Chester, but also the Welsh border and only 12 miles to the Wirral. The estate has a population of over 14,000, and there are 


Over the past year, Blacon has had an overall house price of £189,548, with the majority of sales being semi-detached properties selling on average for £159.819. Terraced properties sold on average for £164,413, and detached houses sold for £285,375. Overall, house prices in Blacon were up 15% from the peak of 2020.

The Lache, or Lache to the locals, is a housing estate in Chester. With a population of over 10,000, it is almost two miles southwest of the city centre. 


Lache has many amenities, such as two churches and numerous shops, including an off-licence, butchers, bakery, takeaway and grocers. There are two primary schools with a joint sports facility, a library and a community centre with a youth club. 


Over the past year, Lache has had an overall house price of £190,015, with most sales being semi-detached houses selling for an average of £199,861. Terraced properties sold on average for £166,333, and flats sold for £128,000. Overall, house prices have been up 10% since the peak of 2019.

Saltney is a cross-border town split between Flintshire, Wales and Cheshire, England. The more significant part of the settlement is part of the County of Clwyd in Wales. The English side of Saltney is known as Higher Saltney. 


The England-Wales border runs directly down Boundary Lane and is the only street in the UK where this happens. Houses on the west side of the road are in the North Wales Police jurisdiction, but homes on the east are in the Cheshire Police jurisdiction. 


There are many amenities in Saltney, like a couple of pubs, a post office, a business centre, a retail park and two supermarkets. There are three churches, a community centre and Saltney Town FC. 


Over the past year, Saltney had an overall house price of £225,088, with most sales being semi-detached properties at £202,265. Detached properties sold on average for £358,537, and terraced properties sold for £172,317. Overall, house prices have been up 21% since the peak of 2020.

Where is the safest place to live in Chester, UK?

Chester has been voted the third safest place to live in the UK for starting families by a study by Electric Ride on Cars, who used several metrics to create an overall score such as safety, air quality, number of outstanding schools and affordable homes. 


Every city in the UK is 100% safe, but Chester has a pretty good track record; the Cheshire Constabulary police service has several initiatives to improve Chester’s quality of life. Some include; working with homeless shelters and young offenders and cracking down on illegal substances. 


There are many areas of Chester which could be classified as safe, some of which we have already covered, like Hoole and Handbridge. But here are some of the other, pardon the pun, offenders:

Located next just south of Curzon Park and west of Queens Park, Hough Green is a beautiful suburb of Chester. The area is centred around the Westminster Park Cricket Club, with most of the housing being mid-century and modern semi-detached and detached houses. The site is relatively sheltered as it consists mainly of cul-de-sacs.


Hough Green has excellent access to the Nuffield Health Gym, The Grosvenor Hospital and St Clare’s Catholic Primary School. There are many supermarkets, takeaways and shops in the immediate area. 


Over the last year, houses in Hough Green have sold on average for £469,038, with the majority of sales being detached properties selling for £700,333. Terraced properties sold on average for £229,625, and flats sold for £325,667. Overall sold house prices in Hough Green over the last year were up 31% from the peak of 2020.

Queens Park is a suburb of Chester, which also houses the University of Chesters’ Queen Park campus. Besides the campus, there is also a secondary school and a pedestrian suspension bridge. To the right of Queens Park is Chester Meadows which runs along the river.


There are several cul-de-sacs with large semi and detached houses alongside the river. There aren’t many shops besides a post office, but Hough Green is only a few minutes drives to the west. 


Over the last year, houses in Queen’s Park have sold on average for £514,042, with the majority of sales being detached houses selling on average for £774,167. Semi-detached properties sold on average for £845,000, and terraced houses sold for £318,667. Sold house prices in Queen’s Park are up 8% from the peak of 2019.

Curzon Park is situated south of Chester Racecourse and Golf Club and North of Hough Green. The area is predominantly residential, with a couple of commercial properties. Most of the houses have extensive gardens and are situated on cul-de-sacs. 


The housing type of Curzon Park is a mixture of mid-century and modern detached builds with some bungalows. The area is brilliantly connected to the rest of Chester via the A5104 and the A483. 


Over the past year, properties in Curzon Park have sold for £493,753, with most houses selling for £645,830. Flats sold on average for £356,750, and terraced properties sold for £241,167. Overall, sold house prices in Curzon Park are up 6% from the 2020 peak.

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