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* Statistics highlighted above are correct as of December 2022 according to Rightmove.

Living in Birmingham

the UK’s second – biggest city

Best Areas To Live in Birmingham

The city’s central business district, this area, is defined by the Middle Ring Road and, under the Big City Plan, is five times as large as it once was. The city centre is a collage of beautifully old Victorian-era buildings like the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and more modern structures like the Matthew Boulton College. 


The City Centre is a beautiful location for specifically young professionals and students looking to live in like-minded and colourful neighbourhoods. Aston University is located in the heart of Birmingham, so student accommodation in high-rise flats is quite common. 


Over the last year, according to Zoopla, the average sold house price was £209,913, which is just under £90,000 cheaper than the UK’s average. Detached houses sold for the most at £463,333, and flats sold for the least at £190,662—semi-detached housing sold on average for £246,500, and terraced houses sold for £224,850.


We will help you sell your property in Birmingham City Centre in as little as 28 days.

Digbeth is an area within Birmingham City Centre undergoing an extensive redevelopment scheme reshaping most of Birmingham. Digbeth is known as the Creative Quarter and was once one of the most industrialised parts of the city. 


As with all great regeneration projects in the UK, Digbeth is home to many old factories and mills, which have become beautiful places for commercial and residential developments. 


According to Rightmove, the average house price in Digbeth had an overall average cost of £197,027, which is over £90,000 less than the UK average. The sold house prices were down from the year before by 5%. 


We will help you sell your property in Digbeth and pay for all the fees typically associated with selling a home in Birmingham.

Brindley Place is in the Westside district within Birmingham and is a significant mixed-use development alongside the canal. The area covers 17 acres and is home to commercial and residential properties. Until the 1970s, Brindleyplace was home to massive canalside factories that declined. 


Nowadays, Brindley Place is a bustling area of Birmingham with iconic towers and public squares. The average sold house price of Brindley Place over the last 12 months is £236,600. Detached properties sold for $448,442, and flats sold for £140,742. 


We will help you sell your property in Brindleyplace; we will cover all parts of the service like floorplans, photographs, write-ups, viewings and your legal fees.

Bournville is a model village in the Southwest of Birmingham and was built for the workers of the Cadbury’s factory. Bournville is one of the most desirable areas in the United Kingdom. 


Bournville isn’t just popular with families, retired people, students, and young professionals. However, they prefer areas like Selly Oak and Edgbaston.


The average sold price for a property in Bournville over the last 12 months is £384,422. The most expensive property type was detached houses at £695,500, and flats sold for the least at £182,800. Semi-detached houses sold for $444,184, and terraced properties sold for £348,781. 


We will help you sell your property in Bournville in as little as 28 days and a completely hassle-free sale.

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A House In Birmingham?

There’s never a time like the present – no, seriously! Birmingham is becoming one of England’s powerhouses of cultural, heritage and business cities. It will only continue to grow into the future as its younger population grows into careers and professions, driving the city into a prosperous future. 


It’s a city of drive, made to withstand the challenge of time and de-industrialisation. The city is constantly evolving and is one of the best for families, young professionals, and students; plenty of opportunities are waiting for you.

Safest Places To Live in  Birmingham

Birmingham has been ripped over the years over its part in the Peaky Blinders and industrial era gangs, but nowadays, Birmingham is one of the most thriving and safest cities in the UK. 


It has an excellent place for students and young professionals to live, as it has the highest percentage of young people in any other city in the UK. It is also the most densely populated outside of London – meaning there is always someone to have your back. Below are some examples of the safest areas to live in Birmingham:

Sutton Coldfield is a town in the City of Birmingham, just 8 miles northeast of Birmingham City Centre. Otherwise known as The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield and is home to Sutton Park, Moor Hall Golf Club, New Hall Valley Park, Good Hope Hospital and many more hotels and spas.


Over the last year, properties in Sutton Coldfield had an average price of £315,435. The most sold property type was semi-detached at £290,240. Terraced properties sold for an average price of £219,206, and detached properties sold for the highest price at £601,019.

Solihull is a market town in Birmingham with a population of 126,577. Solihull has many golf clubs and parks, a college & university centre and many hotels, and it is just Southwest of Birmingham airport.


Over the last year, the average cost of a house in Solihull was £422,270, with detached housing selling for the most at £689,306 and flats selling the least at £207,176. Semi-detached houses sold for £359,780, and terraced houses sold for £304,187.

Edgbaston is an affluent suburban area of Birmingham, curved around the city centre. Located in Edgbaston are places like Edgbaston Cricket Ground, the University of Birmingham, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and many other parks and cultural attractions.

 The average cost of selling a house over the past 12 months is £312,159. Detached homes sold the most at £863,981, and semi-detached houses sold at £402,870. Terraced houses sold for £237,836, and flats sold for £203,901.

Are House Prices Falling in Birmingham?

House prices are falling slowly in Birmingham, primary media sources may suggest. According to Rightmove, the sold house price in Birmingham compared to last year is only down 2% on average. But, it is up 15% when compared to 2019.

Is It Worth Buying A House In Birmingham?

Yes, it is worth buying a house in Birmingham; the average price for a sold home is £236,600. The price is below the UK’s average price, meaning houses are more affordable in Birmingham.

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Sold.co.uk294156 DaysBasic Package is Free, But Additional Packages Come at A Cost.4.2 out of 5 on Trustpilot

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Data correct as of December 2022.

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House sold for: over £595,000


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