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When is the best month to sell house in the UK?

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When is the best month to sell house in the UK?

 In the UK, the housing market experiences seasonal fluctuations, and understanding when to list your property can make a substantial difference in both the speed of sale and the final price. 

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When is the best month to sell house in the UK?

Selling your house is a significant decision, and timing can play a crucial role in ensuring a successful sale. In the UK, the housing market experiences seasonal fluctuations, and understanding when to list your property can make a substantial difference in both the speed of sale and the final price. 

In this article, we’ll explore the worst and best month to sell house in the UK, assess whether it’s currently a good time to sell, identify the busiest month for house sales, and discover when homes tend to sell the fastest.

When is the best month to sell house?

If you’re looking for the ideal time to put your house on the market in the UK, spring (March to May) is often considered the best season to sell. During these months, the weather begins to improve, and gardens and outdoor spaces come to life. 


Longer daylight hours provide more opportunity for viewings, making it easier for potential buyers to visualise their life in your home. Furthermore, it is thought spring is also popular as it does not fall in any major school or public holidays other than Easter. 


Similarly early autumn (October) is seen as one of the best month to sell house as families often aim to move before the new school year starts, making September and October a popular choice for house sellers. Autumn weather can be mild and extremely beautiful which can help increase your curb appeal if you have a large garden.

Which properties sell the best in Spring?

Certain types of properties tend to sell particularly well in the Spring due to the favourable weather and overall appeal of the season, some examples are:

Spring is a popular time for families to buy homes because they often want to move during the summer months when schools are closed. Properties with multiple bedrooms, a garden, and good access to local schools tend to be in high demand.

Spring is when gardens come to life with blooming flowers and lush greenery. Homes with well-maintained gardens or outdoor spaces are more attractive to buyers during this season. A well-maintained garden can significantly boost a property’s appeal.

In the spring, the countryside and rural areas often look their most picturesque, with fields, trees and meadows bursting with colour. Buying seeking a peaceful retreat or a rural lifestyle are more likely to explore these properties during this season.

Coastal properties tend to be more appealing in the spring when the weather is improving and people are thinking about summer holidays. Buyers looking for holiday homes or seaside living may show increased interest during this time.

When is the worst month to sell your house in the UK?

The end of December and January are often the worst time to sell your house in the UK as the festive season can mean potential buyers are preoccupied with holiday preparations and celebrations and the poor weather may deter potential buyers.

Is it a good time to sell a house?

Although the end of December and January are the worst times to sell a house, November and early December may offer slightly easier selling. Many buyers aim to complete their property purchases before the holiday season, so listing your property in November or early December can attract these motivated buyers. 


Since there are fewer sellers in the winter, your property may face less competition in the market which could result in potentially more attention from serious buyers. 


Some buyers receive end of the year bonuses or have more flexible schedules during the holidays, making it a good time for them to focus on property hunting.

Which properties sell the best in Winter?

Selling a property during the winter months can present its own challenges as the colder weather and shorter days can make the selling process more difficult. But, there are a few properties that excel in the winter market:

Properties that are warm, well-insulated and energy-efficient are more appealing in winter. Buyers are likely to appreciate homes that are cosy and comfortable during the colder months. Homes with functional fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and mudrooms may also be a popular choice.

In urban areas, city centre flats can sell very well in winter as buyers prefer these properties due to their convenience, proximity to work and not having to commute as far.

Properties that have been recently built or renovated with modern amenities such as efficient heating systems, underfloor heating and high quality insulation will be attractive to buyers in the winter.

What is the busiest month for house sales?

Typically the busiest month for house sales in the UK is May during the peak of the spring season, as housesellers race to get their property sold during times of favourable weather and increased daylight.

How do supply and demand affect the housing market?

Understanding supply and demand will have more positive implications to putting your property on the market than knowing the best month to sell house. Supply and demand are fundamental economic forces that play a significant role in shaping the housing market. 


When there is a strong demand for homes but a limited supply of available properties, prices tend to rise as buyers compete for the available inventory and drive up prices. Ultimately, this is the point at which property sellers have more negotiating power. 


But, if there is an increase in the supply of homes but the demand remains stable, prices may stabilise or even decrease. More choices for buyers can reduce competition among them, leading to more favourable terms for buyers. 


Selling in spring may historically have been the best time to sell, but with the rise of online property portals and the lesser need to use a traditional estate agent, selling in autumn and winter is becoming more favourable. This is because houses have more exposure all year round, and the spring housing market becomes far more saturated.

What month do homes sell the fastest?

Homes tend to sell fastest during the spring and early summer months, the combination of better weather, longer days and a fresh start to the year often motivates buyers to make quicker decisions. 


However the speed of the sale can also be influenced by factors like pricing, location, and the overall condition of your property.

What types of properties don't have the best month to sell house?

While certain properties may benefit from seasonality in the property market, there are property types that don’t have a best month to sell house, meaning their appeal and demand remain relatively consistent throughout the year. 


Some good examples of these would be luxury homes and investment properties as these properties often cater to a specific niche market with a more extended buying timeline and less affected by seasonal considerations.

When should you put your house on the market?

When deciding when to put your house on the market, it’s essential to consider a range of factors. Local market conditions play a pivotal role and consulting a knowledgeable estate agent familiar with the area can provide you with valuable insights.


Traditionally, spring and early summer are favoured for listing due to milder weather and longer daylight hours. However your personal circumstances, property condition and competition in the market should also guide your decision.


You should however, keep an eye on economic indicators and interest rates, as favourable conditions spurring buyer interest. Crafting a strategic marketing plan with your agent and avoiding major holidays or local events can further enhance your listing’s success.


Ultimately, the timing of your listing should align with when you are ready to sell, and not completely on whether it’s the best month to sell house. 


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