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How It Works

We’re a little different from your typical estate agents, so understandably you might be a little confused as to how the whole process works, but it’s straight forward. 

We’ll explain everything you need to know.

Why Choose Us

If you’re looking at putting your property up for sale then there are several reasons that you should choose us ahead of any traditional estate agent. 

Want to sell your property quickly? Then you should definitely choose us ahead of a traditional estate agent.

We’re confident that we can sell your home in 28 days, if we can’t you’re free to walk away! We have a network of investors who are ready to purchase your home.

Not only that, the process is hassle free, we handle everything for you. It’s a worth a try right?

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We're A Little Different From The Rest

How We Work

We work around you. The first discussion is to find out what price you really need to achieve and whether we feel we can help you achieve that.

After our initial chat we'll agree a target price on a figure we think will be achievable with our investors

We send your property out to our large network of investors we've built over years in the property market. We'll personally contact people who we feel would be interested in your particular property

Bartering is a big part of the sale, we'll handle all that for you to ensure that we achieve your target price

To save you even more money we can help you with negotiating an onward purchase to save you further money

That's it, done and dusted. We've sold your house in 28 days. 

It's in our interest too, because if we haven't, you're free to walk away. 

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Our Sale Time

A Typical Estate Agent

Estate agents will visit your property and provide you with their valuation

This isn't always in your best interest, as they know they may be competing with others they will just tell you what price you want to hear

At some point the estate agents will list your property on popular property portals

They do this in their own time to suit their workload

Your house is on the popular property portals, what else to do but wait?

Estate agents often wait for people to contact them, instead of being proactive

So the price they initially gave you as a valuation isn't working, there isn't enough interest

They'll then tell you to reduce your price

Funny, it's probably more in line with what some other estate agents told you

The average time for an estate agent to sell your home is 12 weeks

Then you have to pay them a premium for this

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The Open Market

What Happens If My Home Doesn't Sell?

It is unlikely that we won’t sell your house due to our vast network of motivated buyers and us only taking on properties we’re confident we can sell. However, if we don’t find you a buyer within the first 28 days of advertising we will simply go our own separate ways with absolutely no cost to you at all. Or, we could continue marketing your property in the hope that a little more time will help find the buyer we are hoping for.


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