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When the traditional sale method is taking to long or causing too much stress we can help, get started in just a few steps. 

Why Choose Us

How We Work

We'll have a chat & discuss what price you actually need to sell your home

We will quickly be able to identify if this has a good chance of being achievable when it's sent out to our investors

Once we've discussed it we will agree on a price together before we send the property details out

We work with you to get all the details and send out the opportunity to our investors

It also goes on all the main property portals

And on top of that we'll personal contact people we feel would be interested in your property

We'll handle all the negotiation for you to help you achieve the price

We can even help you negotiate an onward purchase, we're experts! We'll always try and save you money

We're confident that we'll sell your home in 28 days

All done and dusted, or you can walk away if you wish

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Our Sale Time

A Typical Estate Agent

You may invite a few estate agents to visit your home and provide you with a valuation

Often estate agents will just try and work to what you want to hear in order to win your business

They'll gather all your property details, put you on Rightmove, On The Market & maybe Zoopla

This will be done to suit their workload, you've already signed up after all

It's on the property portals, what more to do? Just sit and wait for people to submit the contact form

There's often no proactive reaching out

If in the first few weeks the estate agents receives little to no interest they will tell you to reduce the price


On average estate agents will take around 12 weeks to sell your home

0 + Days
The Open Market

What About The Costs?

Selling through us

First Advertised Price - £90,000
Second Advertised Price - £90,000
Sold For - £90,000
Fees - £0
£ 0
Total Amount Made

Using an estate agent

First Advertised Price - £100,000
Second Advertised Price - £90,000
Sold For - £85,000
Estate Agent Fees (2%) - £1,700
£ 0
Total Amount Made
£ 0 +
Additional Money Made By Using The Property Selling Company

The Pro's & Con's